Israeli actor Yair Lotan lands male lead in ABC’s ‘Pan Am’

Israeli actor, known in US as Jonah Lotan, to star alongside Christina Ricci in ABC’s new drama series

Israeli actor Yair Lotan, who has been active in Los Angeles for several years, has landed the male leading role in ABC’s new drama series “Pan Am”, a remake of a 1960s series focusing on the American airline’s pilots and flight attendants.

The leading female role was given to critically acclaimed actress Christina Ricci, American media reported Monday. The new series will be written by Jack Orman and directed by Thomas Schlamme.

Lotan, who is known in the Unites States as Jonah Lotan, will portray Dean, a charismatic and confident pilot, who has been made captain of the Majestic clipper.

Ricci will star as Maggie, a stewardess with a double life – beautiful and professional at work, but living a wild life in Greenwich Village, New York.

Lotan, 37, has starred in several TV series in the United States, mostly in supporting roles and in guest performances. The most memorable ones were his roles in “CSI New York” alongside Israeli actress Noa Tishby and “24”. He also took part in several low-budget movies and television films.