SDM’s Interview with Israeli DJ Yinon Yahel at Toronto Pride’s “Treehouse Party”!

Yinon Yahel absolutely ROCKED Pride’s ‘Treehouse Party’ in Toronto on July 3, 2016!

Yahel performed many of his hit songs such as, “Sweat”, and gave the crowd a taste of Israel through his mixes of Israel’s hit Eurovision songs “Golden Boy” by singer Nadav Guedj, and “Made of Stars” by this year’s contestant, Hovi Star.

Size Doesn’t Matter was very proud to host Yinon, and even caught up with the DJ after his INSANE performance for an in-depth interview!

Read the FULL INTERVIEW below and enjoy a SPEED ROUND of questions in the video above!




When did you first become interested in music?

“Since forever. I was born to a musical family. Both of my parents played instruments, so it was since I remember, myself”

Describe the Israeli nightlife that you experience as a DJ.

“People are getting wild, they don’t care about tomorrow. They live in the right now [the present] and this is how it is”

What do you think of Canada so far?

“I love Canada! I’m partially Canadian because my parents and family is here so I spend here a lot. It’s a beautiful country and Toronto is beautiful, especially when the weather is like this!”

Why is it important for you to perform at Pride Toronto?

“I want to spread my love of music to every place I can go, and obviously the community [LGBTQ] is very important for me, and I perform worldwide to everybody, at the gay prides. It’s very exciting, it’s my first time performing like this here, and it was amazing!”

What does PRIDE mean to you?

“To be honest, it’s believing in yourself and standing for yourself”

Which musical artists do you admire and why?

“Wow, I’ve got so many! I’m a bit cheesy to be honest, I study a lot of classical music and dance music so I’ve got a lot of people that I admire from this genre and up. Also from the metal scene, I have people I really adore, but if I need a top 3, it’s Prince, Mariah Carey (yes, I’m sorry!), and Justin Timberlake”

Do you have any advice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in music?

“Don’t give up, and just drop the ego. Try to learn, and not to get crazy, because a lot of people in the industry, even before they did anything, they lose it. They think they’re superstars, and sometimes the ego is the biggest obstacle that a musician has.”

Does your Israeli identity influence your music at all?

“Of course! One hundred percent!”

As a DJ/producer, we know you’ve travelled all over the world to several major cities. What makes performing in Israel/Tel-Aviv different? Is there anything unique/special about it?

“Israel, as I told you, is a very warm country. It’s almost a desert in the summer, so because of the warm weather, you can see that people are getting crazy and getting a little bit upset and emotional. You can see the same thing in Brazil and in Spain, but it’s different in Israel, it’s like Middle-Eastern. I can’t describe it, you need to come [visit]!”

Tell us a funny story that’s happened to you during a performance.

“Wow! [laughs]. You know, people who know me know that I have so many stories, but right now I’m trying to think  about one [laughs]!”