From TLV to LAX Oz Zehavi takes over Hollywood

After the news of him being cast to guest star on the TNT cop drama ‘Southland’ due to some successful meetings and auditions back around Hanukkah, Oz Zehavi is packing up and going for a 2 month stay in Los Angeles for further meetings and several more auditions. He will stay in LA until the end of April, and will also spend Passover away from his family.

“It is a perfect window of opportunity for Oz,” a source close to the heartthrob told Israeli website Walla. “He doesn’t want to miss it, and these things are impossible to run as a telecommute.”

Also it was reported that while he’s staying in LA, Oz plans to sublet his Tel Aviv apartment, and we’re pretty sure there are a lot of female fans in Israel who are fighting over it.

Zehavi,29, an actor and model from Rishon Le’Zion, started as a television host on a teen show on Channel 2, and earned his fame in 2007 when he starred in the successful Israeli teen drama ‘The Island.’ Since then he took part in 4 Festigal shows, modeled for one of the strongest fashion brands in Israel, ‘Renuar,’ and starred in 2 successful adult dramas, ‘Asfur’ and ‘Haim Acherim’ (‘Another Life’). Zehavi was chosen in 2010 as the hottest Israeli celebrity by Pnai Plus magazine (the Israeli equivalent to ‘Entertainmnet Weekly’).