Purim – Costumes and Parties in Tel Aviv

Purim – the Jewish carnival that celebrates the rescue of the Jewish people in ancient times – is also known for its amazing street parties, which take place in Tel Aviv and attract thousands of people each year. :: Israel

Priscilla “Queen of the Desert” heads to Tel Aviv!

By: Ashley Amazing music, hilarious stories and fantastic characters! Based on the popular 1994 film, the musical follows two drag queens and a transexual who buy a run-down old bus Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see London’s hit musical: Priscilla Queen of the Desert from July 4-9! For tickets visit For the full article, […]

Water streams in Israel’s Upper-Galilee

High peaks, rivers and streams, breathtaking landscapes and evergreen forests make the Upper Galilee particularly attractive to hikers. No wonder it has been nicknamed The Israeli Tuscany. Thanks to the abundant water and the fertile soil, this northern part of Israel has been relatively densely populated since ancient times; and it is of particular significance […]

Ellen meets Wonder Woman

Not only is she Wonder Woman to Batman V Superman, she’s also Wonder Woman to her adorable daughter Don’t miss the infamous Israeli actress/model talk to Ellen DeGeneres about her role as Wonder Woman. If this doesn’t make you love her even more, than you need to watch the interview again!  

Snacks & The City – Top restaurants you have to go to

By: ‪Kristóf Yosef Steiner, WHITE CITY BOY The local cuisine is so hyped that the legendary Canadian show, The Foodie List decided to drop by in Tel Aviv to visit the best restaurants in the city If you thought vegan-ism is too challenging because you can’t find food to eat, then you’re clearly living in the wrong country. Israel’s […]

This is how you NEED to celebrate Pi day

By: Mollie Zapata – THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR Thought Pi day was a nerdy holiday? Think again… it’s the best thing that has happened to Mondays Check out Mollie Zapata‘s recipe for her Chocolate Cream Pie, you won’t regret it! Easily, the most crave-worthy pie that will make your stomach growl all day! Mollie was inspired […]