Thinking about our favorite TV-mom, Doris Roberts

By: Lynn Elber Everybody Loves Raymond star, Doris Roberts dies at 90. The award-winning actress was best known for playing the tart-tongued, endlessly meddling mother According to the Times of Israel: “The spunky actress who played the tart-tongued, endlessly meddling mother on CBS’ “Everybody Loves Raymond” received an outpouring of praise on Monday following news […]

Quenching your thirst with sea water

Years of water scarcity and drought forced Israel to come up with innovative ways to conserve, recycle and desalinate water. Today, as a world leader in cutting edge desalination technology and with the world’s largest desalination plant, Israel actually enjoys a water surplus. Did you know? 60% of Israel’s tap water comes from desalinated water. […]

The princess and the producer, a YouTube fairytale

By: Jessica Steinberg A Tel Aviv musician and New Orleans nurse find their muse through Ido Haar’s documentary, ‘Thru You Princess’ According to the Times of Israel: “… Samantha “Princess Shaw” Montgomery, a hardworking nurse from New Orleans, Louisiana, who had suffered abuse but never lost her ability to dream as she posted videos about […]

Jimmy Kimmel is clearly a Wonder Woman fan

1 hilarious talk show host, 3 interviews, 3 super heroes and many more celebrity guest stars! Everyone’s favourite late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, was clearly gearing up for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, when he had Ben Affleck as a guest on his show! It’s no surprise, the film grossed $181 million (domestically) […]

10 Celebrities That Unapologetically Support Israel

Created by: World Jewish Congress, Buzzfeed Community User Think you know your fav celebs?! These celebs proudly stood up for what they believe and refused to be intimidated by their peers or fans 1. Kimye – obviously… They took both their kids to be baptized in Israel! Duh! (Click here for the full article) 2. […]

WMN – Where Women Build Startups

In a spacious compound at the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Port, facing the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, women initiate and build startups. WMN is a social initiative founded by Merav Oren, a serial and multidisciplinary entrepreneur. Its goal is to encourage more women to develop startups, and along the way bridge the gender gap in the […]