The Ultimate Fight: Bacteria vs. Antibiotics

Since the time of Alexander Fleming’s discovery of Penicillin, thousands of antibiotics have been placed on the market to combat bacterial infections. Now, while antibiotics were a groundbreaking discovery back in the day, recently they have become a growing concern. Pathogenic bacteria (bacteria that causes infections) has proven to evolve strategies in overcoming antibiotics. In other […]

Five Shek Everything: Cofix Cafe

Imagine a world where everything only costs 5 shek. Amazing, right? Well, now you can have your cake and eat it too for only 5 shek at The Cofix Cafe. The Cofix Cafe chain is based in Tel Aviv where it  is a one-stop shop for Israelis to get cheap food and drink… isn’t that […]

Israeli Start-Up App Serves Unlimited Coffee for $45 a Month

Have you ever wished for unlimited coffee from your local coffee shop? An Israeli start-up app, Cups, is serving customers exactly that. Cups is an app that provides a monthly subscription of unlimited coffee at partnering local coffee shops. The Israeli start-up launched Cups in late 2012  in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and has partnered […]

Rolling Stones confirm June 4 Israel show!

On March 13th, we reported that the chances of a Rolling Stones concert in Israel this summer were growing. Today, Israeli producer Shuki Weiss confirmed that the Legendary British band finally has set a date for a concert in Tel Aviv for their 14 on Fire World Tour, on June 4! Tickets for the concert are to go on sale […]

Blair Underwood Visits Israel

  Award winning actor and director Blair Underwood has been tweeting throughout his current visit to Israel Upon arriving to Israel, Blair met with Miss Mehereta Baruch Deputy Mayor of Tel-Aviv at his hotel. Mehereta is an Ethiopian Jew and came to Israel with her family. She arrived in Israel at age 10 without her […]

Disabled Israeli swimmer breaks world record

  Itzhak Mamistvalov takes first place in 100-meter heat, stopping clocks at 1:03.80 minutes. During competition, he claims two more gold medals. Swimmer Itzhak Mamistvalov, an athlete at the Israel Sports Center for the Disabled and member of the Paralympics squad has set a new world record in the 50-meter freestyle at the Denmark Open […]