Prestigious U.S. Travel Magazine Names Tel Aviv One of World’s Top Culinary Cities

The prestigious American magazine Conde Nast Traveler has named Tel Aviv as one of the world’s top 15 culinary cities. In November 2015, Conde Nast Traveler previously spotlighted the Israeli city’s food scene when it published an article titled “Why the World’s Best Vegetarian Food Is in Tel Aviv,” which called the city an “herbivore […]

Top 10 Things to do in Israel this Week (July 7-14)

From watching a concert in Tel Aviv, to catching a glimpse of the international hot air balloon in the Galilee, here is a list of the events you MUST check out if you’re in Israel this week!   SHAWN RODGERS, THE JERUSALEM POST Read the list HERE

Boxer Dustin Fleischer is Heading to Israel this Summer!

When he makes his first trip to Israel this summer, Dustin Fleischer is anticipating “a great cultural journey.” He will be part of an Aug. 10-21 Birthright Israel trip sponsored by the Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ. In a June 20 interview with NJ Jewish News, the professional boxer from Monmouth Beach said […]

7 Reasons Why the Yemeni Village is the Coolest Neighbourhood of Tel Aviv

The silly proverb claiming “Every day is a holiday if you live your nights like the Yemenites” actually makes sense. The “Kerem”, the Yemenite village in the heart of Tel Aviv City, is the most chilled, most authentic, and most easygoing area of town. This is why it’s the coolest neighbourhood of Tel Aviv. This […]

The Beautiful Bahá’í Gardens of Haifa: Photo Gallery

When the Bahá’í Gardens opened to the public in 2001, it was immediately elevated into the pantheon of world class public gardens, and by 2008 UNESCO had taken notice and named it a World Heritage Site. Located in the Mediterranean city of Haifa, Israel, the Bahá’í Gardens was built as a shrine to the Bahá’í […]

Morning Jogger in Israel Discovers 900-Year Old Lamp

Tuesday morning started normally for Meir Amshik, a ranger (rescue personnel) for the Nature and Parks Authority. As he jogged along the coast, however, “I saw a few pottery shards had been washed up by the waves, and I stopped to pick them up. To my surprise, I saw that a new part of the […]