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Battle of the Apps: Rounds

Posted on:
August 6, 2014
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With apps popping up left and right, start-ups are entering a fierce competition, especially when Israelis are involved.

First it was Mirage against Snapchat, and now it’s Rounds takeover of Whatsapp.

Israeli startup Rounds, already a threat in the app store with 11 million users, has created “the ultimate hangout” through group video chatting. Similar to Whatsapp, Rounds users can create group conversations between friends allowing them to talk to one another simultaneously. However, only with Rounds do users get to communicate through group video, and instead of talk over text (Whatsapp), they get to see each other over video.

The video feature is a game changer for the app: “along with the existing text messaging, video chatting and the ability to enjoy social activities, games and content together, is what sets Rounds apart and offers users a real true-to-life experience, allowing users the flexibility of a text-only, audio, or multimedia video experience,” said Dany Fishel, Rounds co-founder and CEO.

Rounds has a long way to go before it catches up to Whatsapp’s half a billion users, but Fishel stays hopeful. Once Rounds is complete, Whatsapp better watch its back, rather, users.

Read more at The Times of Israel 

Google Pulls ‘Bomb Gaza’ Game From App Store After Backlash

Posted on:
August 5, 2014
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Company says game in which players drop bombs from fight jet while dodging Hamas missiles violates its policies.

SAN FRANCISCO – A mobile game that simulates Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and invites users to “drop bombs and avoid killing civilians” has been pulled from Google Inc’s app store, a company spokesman said on Monday after a public backlash.

“Bomb Gaza,” developed by PlayFTW and still available as an app on Facebook, simulates the on-going conflict between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas, which dominates the Palestinian territory. Players drop bombs from a fighter jet while dodging missiles from Hamas fighters in black and green masks.”We remove apps from Google Play that violate our policies,” a spokesman for Google said, confirming that the game had been removed from the Google Play app store. Google did not specify which policy the game had violated.

Google Play has rules that prohibit content that amounts to hate speech, bullying and violence and lets users flag abusive content.


The game triggered outraged comments on the Google app store review page as well as on Facebook. It had been downloaded about 1,000 times since its July 29 launch, according to Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

“You disgust me,” Saj Ishaq wrote on PlayFTW’s public Facebook page.

Facebook did not immediately respond to requests for comment and PlayFTW could not be immediately reached.

“Please take this off the Play store. It is offensive and I am really let down that Google actually allowed this. If this game isn’t removed I’m starting a Google boycott,” Oma Al, a user, wrote on the game’s review page, according to the Guardian.

On July 8, Israel launched an offensive on Gaza in response to a surge in Hamas rocket strikes. Gaza officials say more than 1,831 Palestinians have been killed and about 3,000 Palestinian homes have been destroyed or damaged since the offensive began.



Mirage: Snapchat in Disguise

Posted on:
July 28, 2014
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Israeli techies behind Mobli and Yo! apps have no shame in releasing the next generation of Snapchat, called Mirage.

Like its competitor, Mirage allows to send photos or videos for 15 seconds before it disappears. However, as the next generation, the Israeli app allows users to send images regardless of whether they have downloaded the app or not.

Ceo of Mobli, Yo! and now, Mirage, Moshe Hogeg explains, “our vision as a company has always been to bring people together through visual content. We built MIRAGE as a messaging tool to extend our natural daily conversations that in real life are simple and unrecorded. The technology enables us to send temporary messages to anyone without being limited to the ecosystem of the app.”

Even though Mirage is competing with Snapchat and other similar apps, Moshe insists it will be of some success, especially since his other dumb app, Yo! is doing so well.

The man has a point.


Spice Up Your Food Life with the “Look & Cook” App

Posted on:
July 28, 2014
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For those of you who aren’t gifted in the cooking department, don’t sweat it, the “Look & Cook” app is here to help.

With 2 million worldwide users, the smartphone app transforms individuals into culinary chefs one video/ recipe at a time. The app is favoured for its top notch recipes and featured chefs, like Israeli Chef Meir Adoni, who’s handcrafted most of the app’s recipes.






According to the application’s co-founder and Kinetic Art CEO Oran Huberman, what Look & Cook boils down to is, “cooking like a professional without actually being one.”

Users have the option of choosing from a list of food categories, like: breakfast, dessert, vegan and so on, depending on their needs. From there, they can have the app either read the recipe to them as they are cooking or watch it on TV through Amazon’s streaming media player.

And voila! You’re once microwavable pasta has turned into a romantic Italian dinner for two, all thanks to Look & Cook.

Bon appetite!

Israeli Tech to Prevent Deadly Diseases in the Developing World

Posted on:
July 23, 2014
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95% of the time cervical cancer is treatable, however, only for those women who have medical technologies readily available.

Hundreds of thousands of women in low-resource settings are unesesarilly dying because they aren’t getting the treatment they need. Thankfully, Israeli start-up, Mobile OCT, will use mobile devices to detect and diagnose individuals in developing countries.

According to NoCamels, up to 5 billion people in the world have a phone, but no access to health care. This is where MobileOCT comes in. The start-up plans on taking on cervical cancer by creating a mobile colposcope that a can be used with any mobile device, anywhere in the world.

“MobileOCT is seeking to do is to help save lives with those sensors,” explained Ariel Beery, MobileOCT‘s CEO and Co-Founder, in an interview with NoCamels.

The sensors are able to assess tissue in patients’ bodies and diagnose them on the spot. From there, they can further get the help they need, before its too late.

MobileOCT is currently based in five countries to test the success of the device. Watch the video below, to see some of their work.

Israeli Designs Singapore Airport’s Bio-Dome

Posted on:
July 22, 2014
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Moshe Safdie, Israeli architect and so-called “man of the world,” will design a bio-dome for Singapore’s Changi airport.

The bio-dome is to contain stores, restaurants, lavish gardens, and waterfalls that will pour down from the centre of the roof… is this heaven? The dome will connect Changi’s three largest terminals and form a hub, in which travellers can stay and enjoy.

Besides the dome’s great attractions, it is also earth- friendly. The exterior is constructed of steel and glass, while the interior contains sustainable elements that apparently reduce airplane emissions. It is no coincidence that Safdie was chosen to head this project. He is known across five continents for fusing architecture and nature in his past 85 projects. This one is no different.

Moshe Safdie is truly the “man of the world” given that he can create a magnificent one.

 No Camels