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Students’ Idea is Changing the Way We Get Our Cars Fixed

Engie: The new app, created by Israeli entrepreneurs, gives you a mechanic in the palm of your hand. Using the onboard computer system in your car, the app can diagnose the problem. Then it sends out a request to local mechanics and – voila! – you receive quotes from each of them. Co-founder Gal Aharon […]

July 31, 2016
shutterstock_292864409-800 StackPath Acquires Israeli Company Fireblade for $20m

US startup StackPath has acquired Israeli website security company Fireblade. No financial details about the deal were disclosed but sources estimate that the acquisition was for about $20 million. Fireblade is an SaaS company that provides website security in the cloud through an innovative behavioral approach to website security, shifting from traditional, costly and obsolete […]

July 29, 2016
4trgfc Israel’s Technion Takes a Selfie From Space!

Participants in the International Space University’s 29th Space Studies Program – held for the first time at the Haifa campus of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology – posed for a group selfie photo taken from space last week. Taken from a height of 520 kilometers, the photo shows the 104 program participants lying on the […]

July 28, 2016
Israeli Tech Hopes to Prevent Forgetting Children in Cars

“It’s a small chip you can put on a baby or a pet or even some luggage,” Yossi Shenhav, the CEO of 2Find told The Media Line. “When there is a certain distance between the child and the parent, it will send an alert to the mobile phone of the parent.” On their website, 2Find […]

July 28, 2016
Amedi_eyemusic.jpg.824x0_q71 Israeli Startup Devices Help the Blind ‘see’ Differently

The EyeCane is a small flashlight-like device which uses components that translate distance into sound and vibrations. The device translates the distance to a target into a corresponding frequency of auditory and tactile cues, enabling the user to “feel” the world around him or her within a range of 16 feet. The EyeCane can augment […]

July 28, 2016
7151523099099640360no Israeli Innovation Cleans Up Noise Pollution

A new Israeli design for urban mini-amphitheatres helps cities clean up noise pollution by providing a dual use: It helps to block out noise bleeding to the street while providing an appealing venue for street performers to practice their trade without interfering with pedestrians. Aviv Even, a student at the Shenkar School of Engineering and […]

July 27, 2016