Israeli Textile Company Says it Can Make any Fabric Antibacterial

The company said the cost-effective technology permanently prevents the growth of bacteria on both natural and synthetic fibers, can prevent the spread of hospital-acquired infections and can reduce cross contamination between patients and medical staff, helping reduce secondary infections. The new technology, which has been patented in the US and Israel and is awaiting approval […]

Israeli Study: Reading Glasses Can Preserve the Mind for the Elderly

Spectacles costing peanuts can improve the quality of cognition and life for the elderly, breakthrough research at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center shows. Simple tests done at the Sourasky Medical Center (better known as Ichilov) demonstrated that elderly people with sharp short-range vision performed better on cognitive tests than peers without such sharp vision, says […]

Leukemia cure could be on the way, says med-tech firm Biosight

Israeli pharma company gets $13m in investment money to further develop its ‘trojan horse’ cancer treatment Biosight, an Israeli pharmaceutical development company that is working on a cure for leukemia, this week closed an investment of $13 million led by pharmaceutical investment firm Arkin Holdings, run by pharma mogul Mori Arkin, and US-based venture firm […]

Israel developing birth control pill without side effects

Researchers at Sheba have published a new study that indicates a drug could function as a contraceptive without dangerous side effects for women who are unable to use hormonal contraception. A new study by a team from Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer is likely to lead to an exciting new development: a birth control […]

Israeli medical company hopes to save thousands of women’s lives per year

Luke Tress, Times of Israel Illumigyn is developing a system it believes will revolutionize healthcare by minimizing deaths from cervical cancer and other diseases A small team of researchers based in the hills outside Jerusalem is designing technology that could potentially save thousands of women’s lives per year. The company behind this, Illumigyn, is using […]

Israeli-made ‘black hole’ could win Stephen Hawking a Nobel

After 40 years of speculation, a Technion physicist may have proved the groundbreaking ‘Hawking Radiation’ theory British physicist Steven Hawking could finally win a Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking theory on black holes thanks to new research out of Israel’s Technion university. Read more at Times of Israel.