Wikimedia Foundation holds its ‘Hackathon’ in Jerusalem

By: Daniel K. Eisenbud More than 150 developers from 17 countries gather to improve infrastructure of Wikipedia platform The Start-Up Nation earned yet another colorful feather in its already well-ornamented cap on Sunday, after hosting the annual Wikimedia Foundation’s Hackathon in Jerusalem. The four-day event, which brought together more than 150 computer developers from 17 […]

April 12: National Grilled Cheese Day

They’re known as ‘toast’ in Israel but more commonly called ‘grilled cheese’ by Americans and ‘toasties’ by the English… and they just got better This popular kiddie fare is growing up and reinventing itself with tasty and innovative adult versions. No one knows when the craze for grilled cheese took over the world, but it’s […]

Could Israel’s tech hub eclipse Silicon Valley?

We all know the billion-dollar tech behemoths from Silicon Valley – Apple, Google and Facebook – but that’s not to say that all successful startups originate in the US Not to mention that Apple, Google and Facebook have all set up offices around Israel and have been using Israeli employees to grow their research and […]

Quenching your thirst with sea water

Years of water scarcity and drought forced Israel to come up with innovative ways to conserve, recycle and desalinate water. Today, as a world leader in cutting edge desalination technology and with the world’s largest desalination plant, Israel actually enjoys a water surplus. Did you know? 60% of Israel’s tap water comes from desalinated water. […]

Energy being stored and used in a revolutionary way

By: David Shamah 2 Nigerian entrepreneurs went to Israel to showcase their soccer ball that converts kinetic energy into power Jessica O. Matthews, now CEO of Uncharted Play and her sister, Tiana Idoni-Matthews (marketing director), attended Forbe’s gala event in Tel Aviv on their first trip to Israel. Jessica Matthews realized the untapped potential of storing and converting kinetic energy into […]

Israeli cybersecurity grabs 8% global market share

By: Tali Tsipori – Globes 20% of all Israeli high-tech companies are engaged in cyber security, making it the country’s biggest sector. There’s a reason why Israel is known as a tech hub for its reliable and secure technological advancements. While known as ‘Silicon Wadi‘ (Silicon Valley in Hebrew), cyber security is critical for their […]