Must-try foods in Israel!

Since our previous post was about must-try snacks in Israel, we knew we couldn’t just end it like that (since we probably increased your hunger by about 80%), so we decided to give you a list of must-try foods in Israel! Yalla, it’s time to begin!   1. Jerusalem Mix Also known as “Meorav Yerushalmi” […]

Must-try snacks in Israel!

When abroad, you cannot fully grasp the tourist experience unless you’ve tried the local cuisine. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of MUST-TRY snacks which will complete your experience! Lets start with the top snacks you HAVE to try! [Although many of these foods and snacks have expanded outside of Israel, everything does in […]

4 things to do in Israel on the beach (other than getting a tan of course!)

1. Play some Matkot!   Playing matkot is one of the (if not the most) common beach activities in Israel! Just a warning: The game can in fact be extremely loud as a result of the ball hitting the rackets! You have been warned! 2. Eat some ice cream! Almost all beaches in Israel have […]

Israel has 8th highest life expectancy in the world

A new life expectancy survey has come out for the first time since 2000; despite wars and threatening neighbors, Israelis have the 8th highest life expectancy in the world, higher than both France and the US. According to the report, humans are living an average of five years longer than they were when the last […]

Over 70% of Israelis have hummus in fridge

Just nine percent of Israelis polled consider chickpea spread a symbol of Arab-Jewish coexistence More than 90 percent of Israelis say they eat hummus at least once a week, and nearly 70 percent currently have some in their refrigerator. Read more at Times of Israel.

Hot guys and hummus create Instagram craving

By Viva Sarah Press, Israel21C Celebrate International Hummus Day with a plate of hummus and these Israeli hunks. May 13th is International Hummus Day and a group of Israeli university students is serving up a new way to celebrate this chickpea dip: with a side dish of hot guys. Read more at Israel21C.