Israeli DJ and Producer Yinon Yahel is coming to Toronto Pride!

As part of Toronto’s pride celebrations, the famous Israeli DJ and producer, Yinon Yahel, will perform at the “Treehouse party!” With several hits topping the Billboard Dance Charts, Yinon Yahel is a performer whose set you DO NOT want to miss! His album “First Time” is aptly named for the kick-off to his successful career […]

Israel Shows Solidarity with Orlando and the United States

Tel Aviv’s city hall lights up with the colors of the American flag and the LGBTQ flag after the attacks at a gay nightclub in Orlando on Sunday.   Read more at The Tower

Tel Aviv Pride Parade 2016

This past Friday June 3rd was Tel Aviv’s annual Pride Parade. Rainbow flags draped TLV’s streets and storefronts for days leading up to the parade, creating a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere for everyone in Tel Aviv. The city was completely taken over by the Pride Parade with some 200,000 people dancing through the streets of […]

Some 200,000 people march in Tel Aviv LGBT pride parade

This year’s event spotlighted “Women for a Change,” and organization that highlights the role of women in the LGBT community. The Tel Aviv Pride Parade drew hundreds of thousands of participants to the march on Friday. The parade, which took off from Tel Aviv’s Gan Meir at noon and included music, festivities, speeches and shows, […]

Energy and Joy at the Annual Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv

The rainbow flags are up and the parties have started! This week, Tel Aviv is hosting one of the biggest gay pride events in the world, with over 180,000 people, including 30,000 tourists, expected to join the annual parade this Friday. This is the energy, the sound and the colors of the gay capital of […]

‘Orange is the New Black’ actress visits Israel to participate in Pride Week

Lea DeLaria, American comedian, actress and musician, most famous for her recurring role as Carrie ‘Big Boo’ Black in the Netflix prison drama, ‘Orange is the New Black,’ landed in Israel Monday to take part in Tel Aviv Pride Week. The view from my room of the old city @mamillahotel I can’t believe I’m here. […]