And the World’s Oldest Man is…

BY ANDREA PARK Well kids… it only took 112 years, but Israel Kristal was officially named Guinness’s Oldest Man Alive … and if you haven’t guessed by his name, he does (in fact) live in Haifa, Israel. When asked what his secret was to such a long life, Kristal gave the most humble response: “I don’t […]

Woman’s seal from First Temple discovered

A rare 2500-year-old seal inscribed with the name of ‘Elihana bat Gael’ in ancient Hebrew letters was unearthed at the City of David in the Jerusalem Walls National Park. A rare 2,500-year-old seal bearing the name of a woman, Elihana bat Gael, has recently been discovered in an Israel Antiquities Authority excavation at the City […]

Hummus beer, city break, and LGBT tourism

Israel Ministry of Tourism at the ITB Travel Trade Show in Berlin Beginning Wednesday, March 9, 2016,  the Ministry of Tourism will open the Israel exhibition stand at ITB in Berlin, the world’s largest travel trade show. Around 11,000 representatives from 180 countries are expected to participate in the 5-day show, and it will host […]

Israel to award academic prizes to 40 IDF Christian veterans

The aim of the scholarship program is to continue to encourage the integration of young members of the Christian community into Israeli society For the first time in Israel, academic scholarships will be awarded by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and the Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum to 40 Christian youth who served in […]

On Naomi Campbell’s first trip to Israel…

Shimon Peres awards supermodel Naomi Campbell for activism as they salute women trailblazers in various fields The stunning, international supermodel Naomi Campbell, on a first visit to Israel, was greeted on March 8th, 2016 at the Peres Center for Peace by Israel’s ninth president, Shimon Peres, who presented her with the “Women Leading Change” award in recognition of […]

“Breaking the ice” on organ banking

Hebrew University researchers develop a solution for long-term preservation of cells and organs for transplant, as part of a global alliance to bank organs After decades of studies, scientists now believe that a breakthrough in preserving body organs for the purpose of saving lives is close at hand. A heart or lung is kept viable […]