Israel’s Bird of the Month – November 2016

Drumroll please… Israel’s bird of the month is the Great White Pelican! Why you ask? Fun Fact – the Great White Pelican is the largest bird in the world to migrate across the desert to East Africa. Not to mention, these birds, unfortunately, have mostly vanished from Israel due to fewer and smaller wetlands, over-fishing […]

Living in the Shadow of Memory: Taglit Birthright

While the rest of the Taglit Birthright trip is upbeat and exciting, participants spend one of the 10 days visiting two of the most historic and emotional landmarks in Jerusalem. We visited Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in the morning and went to Mount Herzl and the National Military Cemetery in the afternoon. If Taglit took participants to […]

The More The Merrier This New Year’s

Starting the year off right, means celebrating with more Israelis! The country’s population hits 8.58 million  – an increase of 2% from previous year BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF September 27, 2016, 4:42 pm Along with the population, the country’s diversity is also growing. The Muslim population had the highest increase at 2.4% from 2015, […]

Study brings grasp of autism gene a ‘step closer’

Researchers at BGU find that the body actively fights the autism genes in the negative selection process as a form of evolution. BY: SHOSHANNA SOLOMON, The Times of Israel According to The Times of Israel, researchers, Dr. Idan Menashe, Erez Tsur and Prof. Michael Friger, have determined that the human body does not select the autism […]

Excavation unveils scale weight belonging to high priest

An archaeological dig in the Old City of Jerusalem has unearthed a weight that is marked with the name of the high priest from the Second Temple. Nearly 2,000 years after the Second Temple was destroyed in 70 CE, the archaeologist Dr. Oren Gutfeld of Hebrew University of Jerusalem has found a scale weight from […]

Second Temple courtyard flooring possibly revealed

Ilana Messika/TPS, Ynet Archaeologists from the Temple Mount Sifting Project have unveiled a restored floor of painted tiles that experts believe may been part of the Temple Mount’s courtyard. Archeologists from the Jerusalem-based Temple Mount Sifting Project unveiled Tuesday a restored floor of painted tiles that experts believe dates to the Herodian era (37 to […]