Morning Jogger in Israel Discovers 900-Year Old Lamp

Tuesday morning started normally for Meir Amshik, a ranger (rescue personnel) for the Nature and Parks Authority. As he jogged along the coast, however, “I saw a few pottery shards had been washed up by the waves, and I stopped to pick them up. To my surprise, I saw that a new part of the […]

Archaeologists Uncover Byzantine Era Monastery in Israel

Israel’s growing construction sites have uncovered some ancient treasures in unlikely places. “We started digging here and we didn’t know what we are going find,” excavation director Amit Shadman told CBN News. “But after three months we exposed a pretty nice and large monastery.” The Byzantine church is paved with a colorful mosaic, but Shadman […]

Israel Creates New National Holiday Celebrating Immigrants

Israel has formally declared a new national holiday celebrating its Jewish immigrants and acknowledging their various contributions to the state. The Knesset passed the National Aliyah (immigration) Day into law in its second and third readings on Wednesday, with 21 Knesset members in favor and five opposed. Literally “ascension,” aliyah is a Hebrew term used […]

Ancient coins from the Maccabean Period found in Israel

An archeological excavation uncovered a treasure of coins and a manor from the Maccabean period; the site also found evidence that points to the inhabitants’ participation in the First Maccabean Revolt. Silver coins dating back to the Maccabean Period (from around 126 BCE) have been found at an archeological excavation site near Modi’in. The project […]

2,000 year-old seed brought back to life

Methuselah, the Judean Date Palm – links the past to the present through agriculture and archeology. One of the world’s most ancient species, it is being revived after 2,000 years at the Center for Sustainable Agriculture in Israel. :: Israel

9 Reasons Tel Aviv Should Be Your Next Mediterranean Getaway

By: Celeste Moure Vogue’s 9 reasons that you need to book a trip to Israel – you won’t regret it! Israel’s unique way of combining its strong historical heritage with it’s modern society is unforgettable. On the other hand, Tel Aviv is the country’s hot spot for tourists – with its glamorous nightlife, strong Israeli […]