6+1 Best Shakshouka in Tel Aviv, Including our Very own Recipe!

Shakshouka in Tel Aviv is like pasta in Rome, or bagel in New York – with our help now you can find the best one in town, and even cook your own version. Shakshouka is a dish composed of spiced-up tomatoes and peppers, topped with a sunny-side-up egg. Fried and cooked in a pan, often […]

Peru’s National Cocktail Debuts in Israel

The pisco, an unaged brandy distilled from grapes, will be available in bars and restaurants initially only in Tel Aviv. “The pisco will compete with drinks already positioned in this market. We are confident that Israelis will get more familiar with our distillate, which will soon be among their preferences,” Peru’s foreign trade and tourism […]

Top 5 Things You Can’t Miss on Your Next Spontaneous Trip to Israel

Maybe this is your first time, or maybe you’ve been here before, but the excitement and feeling of anticipation before a trip to Israel is unmatched by any other. We want to share with you the must-see attractions to make your trip unforgettable. While it may be home to many stunning historical sites, Israel’s tourism […]

Israeli Startup to Create Meatless Meat: Kosher and Vegan!

SuperMeat, developed by a Hebrew University biomedical engineer, promises to be both vegan and kosher. SuperMeat, which launched in December and began an online crowdfunding campaign Monday, is developing a method for bioengineering “cultured meat” from animal cells. Its tagline: “Real meat, without harming animals.” The company has won notice in Israel with slick marketing, […]

How to Make Israeli Breakfast Pizza

Israelis love breakfast! Try this new recipe by our friends at The Nosher where they show you how to bake a crispy pizza crust, using eggs as the topping.     Find the recipe HERE

Prestigious U.S. Travel Magazine Names Tel Aviv One of World’s Top Culinary Cities

The prestigious American magazine Conde Nast Traveler has named Tel Aviv as one of the world’s top 15 culinary cities. In November 2015, Conde Nast Traveler previously spotlighted the Israeli city’s food scene when it published an article titled “Why the World’s Best Vegetarian Food Is in Tel Aviv,” which called the city an “herbivore […]