The Wine is Definitely Kosher, but the Tapas… DELICIOUS!

2 top restaurants in Tel Aviv have created Tapas menus to be served with glasses of some of Israel’s finest wines! Bet you can’t get through the article without eating According to Ynetnews, “The King David Wine Bar stocks some 85 wines, all Israeli and all kosher, with vintages from the country’s largest and most prominent […]

Israeli wines gain international recognition

Editors from the US magazine Wine Spectator visited Israel to take a taste of wines produced in the holy land, and were surprised by what they found – a thriving wine industry producing high quality wine; 23 Israeli wines were rated exceptional, including two which use the same variety of grapes used in biblical wine […]

The Golan Heights Winery – a Must See in the North of Israel

No need for the spit buckets at this Wine Tasting Tour Birthright definitely knows what they’re doing when they schedule wine tours at The Golan Heights Winery, especially after hiking up the Golan Heights. The Winery gave us three of their most popular wines to taste: the Gamla, the Yarden, and the Mount Hermon. It’s no coincidence […]

Israeli Sandwiches That Make the Perfect Summer Meal

Mediterranean tartines (open-faced sandwiches) are ideal for the sweltering days of July and August. Here are three tried-and-tested recipes. When done right, a simple sandwich can become the center of any meal. In fact, growing up in Israel, an open-faced sandwich spread with a simple avocado salad, mixed with olives and green onion, was often […]

The Vibrant Flavours of Israeli Food in Britain

In Strut & Cluck, a newly opened east London restaurant, its owner, Amir Chen, is making haroset: a paste of dried fruits and nuts destined not for a traditional Passover Seder meal, but for a decadent almond cake – a new take on an old family recipe that’s already proving the most popular dessert on […]

A Taste of Mexico in Tel Aviv

The lively restaurant Mexicana serves up wide-ranging tastes of a cuisine that has been designated a world treasure, starting with lip-smacking margaritas. One place in Tel Aviv people gather to enjoy Mexican food is Mexicana, a cheerfully decorated restaurant with colorful wooden chairs indoors and plenty of al fresco seating at the busy corner of […]