Prestigious U.S. Travel Magazine Names Tel Aviv One of World’s Top Culinary Cities

The prestigious American magazine Conde Nast Traveler has named Tel Aviv as one of the world’s top 15 culinary cities. In November 2015, Conde Nast Traveler previously spotlighted the Israeli city’s food scene when it published an article titled “Why the World’s Best Vegetarian Food Is in Tel Aviv,” which called the city an “herbivore […]

How to Make Falafel at Home

All over Israel, falafel joints dispense hot, crunchy falafel balls packed into fresh pita bread and topped with all kinds of relishes. It’s hard to stop eating, but not hard to make at home. Check out the recipe HERE to find out how to make your very own delicious falafel! Enjoy!     MIRIAM KRESH, […]