On Naomi Campbell’s first trip to Israel…

Shimon Peres awards supermodel Naomi Campbell for activism as they salute women trailblazers in various fields The stunning, international supermodel Naomi Campbell, on a first visit to Israel, was greeted on March 8th, 2016 at the Peres Center for Peace by Israel’s ninth president, Shimon Peres, who presented her with the “Women Leading Change” award in recognition of […]

Video Contest: Filmmakers Spread Message of Love for Israel

By: Rivkah Lambert Adler To inspire Jews and non-Jews with the truth about Israel, filmmakers were challenged create brief videos featuring positive messages about the country Avi Abelow, Founder and CEO of Israel Video Network, started a video contest for filmmakers around the world with the sole purpose of educating and spreading the truth about Israel. […]

From China to Israel: 5 women from ancient Jewish community to make aliyah

The last time a group of Kaifeng Jews made aliyah was in 2009 Five women in their twenties from the ancient Chinese Jewish community of Kaifeng are due to make aliyah in late February in what will mark the first aliyah of its kind in nearly seven years. The women – Gao Yichen (“Weiwei”), Yue […]

IDF begins integrating autistic soldiers into army service

By: Tia Goldenberg, Times of Israel New IDF programs harness youths’ special abilities while giving them ‘a solid beginning’ to an independent life in Israel’s job market Following the recent publicity of Starbucks providing employment opportunities for applicants who have been diagnosed with autism, the IDF has publicly announced a new program for Israeli teenagers […]

Religious LGBT Jews come out online

Dozens of observant LGBT Jews have revealed their identities online, along with their sexual orientation, publishing their names and photos in a first-of-its kind campaign. Titled “Our Faces,” the campaign is the work of Bat Kol, an organization of religious gay women, and Havruta, the men’s equivalent, in cooperation with religious groups at the IGY […]

Pink Shirt Day Hero

Okanagan Boys & Girls Clubs A day to help kids and adults become resilient, confident and willing to STAND UP to bullying. Let’s face it – bullying is a problem that goes far beyond a school playground. The Okanagan Boys & Girls Clubs are hosting a breakfast to raise awareness and to empower adults and kids […]