LGBT Doctors Association Established in Israel

The Israel Medical Association, incorporating all the doctors in Israel, recently approved the establishment of the new Doctors Association to promote health and medicine among the LGBT community in Israel. The request for the establishment of the LGBT Medical Association union was made by 60 physicians in the medical field and by various health institutions […]

Israeli Musician Noam Horev Joins Israel Gay Youth Organization

Songwriter Noam Horev, who wrote songs for top Israeli artists like Eyal Golan, Miri Mesika, Harel Skaat and others, decided to donate his time and talent to the Israel Gay Youth (IGY) organization by holding a unique 6-week writing workshop for LGBT youth. “This idea has been spinning in my head for a long time,” […]

Tel Aviv Rolls Toward Accessibility with New Adaptive Cycling Center

Athletes with physical disabilities who use adaptive bicycles like hand cycles will now be able to utilize dozens of kilometers of bike paths in the Yarkon Park, after a multi-million shekel Accessible Cycling Complex was dedicated on Thursday at the National Sport Center in Tel Aviv. The Tourism Ministry and the Tel Aviv municipality funded […]

Israel Shares its Expertise in Combating Human Trafficking

Israel is in the top category for battling human trafficking for the fifth year in a row, Knesset Subcommittee on Combating Human Trafficking and Prostitution chairwoman Aliza Lavie said on Wednesday. “The US government recognized our continuing success in fighting human trafficking,” Lavie said. “But that does not mean we can stop fighting.” Lavie said […]

Israeli Backpacker Helps Poverty-Stricken Tribal Women Turn Cultural Traditions Into Income

An Israeli named Gili Navon spent a year backpacking in India, studying Sanscrit and practicing yoga. Her travels took her to Majuli, a remote island in northeast India where she planned to explore the rural culture. She formed a bond with many members of the Mising tribe, in particular with the women. After returning home […]

Knesset Advances Affirmative Action for a More Inclusive Workplace for the Disabled

The Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee on Sunday approved for further plenum readings a bill that aims to boost the number of disabled people integrated in the workforce, by requiring large public bodies to meet quotas. Under the terms of the bill, which passed its first reading in February, a government-funded body with more […]