Aerosmith in talks for Israel performance in 2017

Once before in the country in 1994, the world-famous band is reportedly to include Tel Aviv in its final tour next year; it is as of yet unconfirmed. After more than 20 years, the world-famous band Aerosmith is expected to return to Israel in May 2017 in a single performance in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park. […]

Justin Bieber said to be planning new Israel gig

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is planning a second visit to Israel, Hebrew language media report. Read more at Times of Israel.

From Wonder Woman to a Secret Agent

Israeli actress Gal Gadot, who is a rising star in Hollywood, and co-star Jon Hamm sit down to talk to Ynet about their new movie Keeping Up With the Joneses. Gal Gadot stars alongside Jon Hamm, Zack Galifianakis, Isla Fisher and Patton Oswalt, in the hilarious new film, Keeping Up With the Joneses. IT’s no surprise […]

Living in the Shadow of Memory: Taglit Birthright

While the rest of the Taglit Birthright trip is upbeat and exciting, participants spend one of the 10 days visiting two of the most historic and emotional landmarks in Jerusalem. We visited Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in the morning and went to Mount Herzl and the National Military Cemetery in the afternoon. If Taglit took participants to […]

Talking Walls with Rami Meiri

Can’t paint to save your life? Try Rami Meiri’s workshops! You’ll definitely leave your mark in Tel Aviv! One of the most iconic artists, Rami Meiri, has his work plastered all over Tel Aviv – in private homes, on store walls and on street corners. And even though he is so visible, each of his murals […]

Israeli bodyguard to keep Kim Kardashian safe

Reality star and pop culture icon Kim Kardashian is not taking any more chances: days after being robbed at gunpoint while in her Paris hotel room, she has reportedly decided to hire Aaron Cohen, an Israeli security guard who served as a highly trained fighter in the IDF. Cohen is an Israeli-American who was born […]