Leading pioneer of Israel’s cinema culture dies at 90

Lia van Leer’s legacy, for which she won the Israel Prize in 2004, includes the founding of the cinematheques in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa, as well as the Jerusalem International Film Festival. Israel lost a cinematic pioneer on Saturday with the death of Lia van Leer at the age of 90. Van Leer founded […]

Tel Aviv to get its own hot air balloon

Israeli metropolis is joining 50 other cities in the world with a huge balloon which will allow us to explore city from bird’s eye view. Tel Aviv is about to join London, Paris, Hong Kong and some 50 other major cities which offer a bird’s eye view of the city from a hot air balloon. […]

Tens of thousands take part in Jerusalem Marathon

Many of the capital’s streets were closed off Friday morning as over 25,000 people participated in the annual Jerusalem Marathon. Participants included 2,200 people from 60 countries other than Israel and 6,000 people running to raise money for charity. The race’s winner was Ethiopian Tadesse Yaee Dahbi, who completed the 42-kilometer route in 2 hours, […]

Israeli scientists discover local bat species that hibernate at room temperature

Finding contradicts common wisdom that mammals hibernate at freezing point in winter to keep bodily functions very low. Most animal species that hibernate in winter do so by lowering their body temperature to near-freezing, but now scientists in Israel have found two species of bats that use a different, much more energy-efficient strategy to survive […]

Israeli-made chipset could extend battery life for devices using 4G mobile networks

The Israeli company Altair Semiconductor says that it has developed the capability for small electric devices to connect better to fourth generation (4G) mobile networks. The new technology could impact devices such as electricity meters or security alarms. Currently, the batteries of devices that use 4G networks, which are known as LTE batteries, tend to run out […]

2,300 year-old jewelry found in northern Israel

Israeli tourists discover rare treasure dating back to reign of Alexander the Great who conquered Israel during the Hellenestic period. Israeli tourists discovered a rare treasure trove filled with 2,300-year-old coins, and silver and copper objects inside a cave in northern Israel. “Thanks to the work of honest citizens, we will be able to better […]