Israel turns 68 with 8.5 million people, 10 times more than in 1948

195,000 babies born in last 12 months, CBS statistics show, as population grows by 2.2% On the eve of Israel’s 68th birthday, the country’s population stands at 8,522,000, according to figures released Monday by the Central Bureau of Statistics. There are 6,377,000 Jewish Israelis, 74.8% of the total population, and 1,771,000 Arab Israelis, 20.8% of […]

Haifa: Where Old Meets New

Alexander (Sasha) Chuchin, SDM Contributor Haifa, much like the rest of Israel, is built on a paradox. It’s the curious meddling of the biblical with the futuristic, the oldest with the newest. Take the modernized railway line from the centre of Tel Aviv, bypass the University of Tel Aviv’s main campus across the Yarkon River […]

Some kosher (and non-kosher) surprises in Tel Aviv

By: Erik Tryggestad, The Christian Chronicle Hearing a traveller’s perspective of Israel before and then after their first trip – clearly, Israel is full of surprises! Writer for The Christian Chronicle, Erik Tryggestad, wrote about his experience travelling Israel for the first time. He points out that: “a country, a region or a people can’t […]

A Canadian volunteer’s experience with an amazing Israeli organization

Tamar Lyons, SDM Contributor Children are the future. This is a phrase we hear on a daily basis. They are the ones who will live in the world in which we create for them. This is a fact. Unfortunately, children in developing countries don’t have it so easy. When birth defects and medical concerns arise, […]

Israel to host world’s biggest science conference

Dozens of world renowned scientists, Nobel Prize laureates and 400 young people considered the future generation of global science will participate in a major event in Jerusalem this summer. A supercomputer would be needed to calculate the intelligence quotient in this event: About 20 Nobel Prize laureates in science, dozens of world renowned scientists and […]

Israel sends emergency aid to the devastated island of Vanuatu

Emergency relief teams from IsraAID are bringing food, water and other aid to starving islanders. Israel is sending additional aid to the tiny Pacific island nation of Vanuatu, after it was ravaged by a category 5 cyclone earlier this month. The archipelago, which has a population of nearly 300,000 scattered over 65 inhabited islands, was […]