Wrapping Up Gindi Fashion Week Tel Aviv

Models continued to strut the runway for the 3rd and final day of Gindi Fashion Week Tel Aviv. The day ran long as unseasonal rain threatened to wipe away the tents yet again, and shows got pushed back by as much as an hour. But the fashionable will prevail and Dreed*Tea was there to capture every last drop of it. Now, let’s discuss some of the more outstanding shows:

Upcoming Designers show:

this show had 10 young designers presenting their collections and competing for the title of “Israel’s next designer”, a scholarship from Adika (a fashion store), and opportunity to sell thier collection online.

The winner – RIMMAROMANO – the show began as boldly as the designs proved to be: a model half wearing a long white, abstract coat somberly walked part of the runway, then abruptly stopped and crouched for the rest of the presentation, while models wearing the all black collection, walked around her. The designs featured modular layers, played with lengths (such as overly long sleeves) and off kilter details it was innovative yet wearable,
all the while maintaining clean minimalism.

Other designers who showed: Designer Nastya Linsk of NASTYA – presented a strong collection of clean black and white pieces with intriguing “LOVE” prints and stamps.

Liron Itzhakov – presented a beautiful collection in flowery pastels contrasted with strong shapes and structure for spring.

<Michman> Efrat Michman, SISTER M, NOUVEAU RICHE DOG, Shani Zimmerman, B-nuty by Arketa by new designer Natalie Daddon, the show marked her last catwalk as a (famous) model.

Rish by Yoav Rish did an interesting line of evening wear. We were excited to watch Shir Dor’s first collection, we’ve been following her for quite a while now and shared her experience as an intern at Mcqueen.

Shenkar show featured experimental and avant-garde designs from this year’s graduating class from the fashion design program. It is impossible to describe all in one shot, as each presented their specific point of view. The students did not try to make commercial clothes, instead they produced cutting edge designs that truly made this a fascinating show to watch.  Seeing both men’s and women’s clothing designs on the runway made us excited to look to the future of fashion in Israel, as currently there is a lack of homegrown talent in Israeli men’s fashion.

The most anticipated show of the week had to be Maskit and it absolutely did not disappoint! Maskit is a heritage fashion house of Israel that originally opened in 1954.  It had a very successful run for 40 years, saw global popularity and collaborated with many european fashion houses until it closed in 1994.

SDM Day 3

Only last year it was revived by its founder, Ruth Dayan and a new designer Sharon Tal. This was the first time Maskit presented its revival “Homage” collection to the Israeli public.  Dreed*Tea did a 3 part series on revival of Maskit:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Maskit officially closed Gindi Fashion Week Tel Aviv in grand style. The show started with strong and influential Israeli women, wearing vintage Maskit pieces from the brand’s 40 year history.  The second part of the runway showcased the Homage collection along with new some designs worn by models. The  designs were elegant and sophisticated, made of the highest quality materials featuring what Maskit is known for – exquisite embroidery!

All left to do now is to  look forward to what next Tel Aviv Fashion Week will bring. See you then!