Wibbitz and Oramed featured @ The Israel Conference in LA

by Elran Tsabag

Between updating a facebook timeline, tweeting updates on life, and obsessively checking our email, it’s sometimes difficult to believe how far we have come technologically in the last decade. Just then, we hear about another start-up that is on the forefront of astounding breakthroughs in their field. That’s what happened at this year’s ‘The Israel Conference’, held on May 30-31, 2013 in Los Angeles.

The overwhelming energy between entrepreneurs, companies, and venture capitalists was enough, but then I came across companies making huge strides in their fields. Amongst them was Wibbitz, a company that recently developed the technology that converts online news articles into narrated videos. Although text-to-video technology has been around for a little time, Wibbitz has taken it viral by making it feasible to turn any text based article, post, or feed into a video.

Since users are consuming an increasing amount of videos as a percentage of their online usage, brands are under pressure to keep up with demand. The company prides itself on being the “play button for the web.” Instead of reading an article, users can listen or watch to a video generated by a summary of the text converted into voice narration. Currently, the company is targeting publishers of online content – chief among them, news outlets and sites. Their team is in the midst of creating an optimization feature for videos to be shared through social media – when users share the link to the article, the video narration can be played on social media outlets. Since videos are amongst the web’s most monitizable platforms, Wibbitz can capitalize on the technology most efficiently.

Another company showcased at the conference was Oramed, a biomed start-up currently working on developing the technology for the oral delivery of drugs traditionally administered through injection. Think of diabetes patients, for instance, having to inject insulin every few hours, at times even being directly connected to a delivery device on a daily basis. Oramed has developed the technology to deliver these drugs orally, making it easier and more convenient for patients to receive the pharmaceutical care they need.

You may have heard of Oramed’s flagship product: an ingestible insulin capsule currently in Phase 2 of FDA clinical trials. The drug will be the first of its kind, making waves amongst not only the medical tech field, but changing the way certain medical problems are being treated. Hearing about the company’s work leaves no doubt that Oramed is on the track to revolutionize the treatment of various medical diseases.

Wibbitz and Oramed represent the plethora of companies and technologies showcased at this year’s ‘The Israel Conference’. Stay tuned for what next year’s conference has in store.

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