VIDEO: Leading international Food bloggers heading to Israel

By ‘Canadian Ginger’ (AKA D’vora Charness)

Taste of Israel – Eat.Tweet.Love

Food is an international language. It has the ability to bridge people, places, cultures, religions and ideas. Beginning Sunday, September 2nd, the ‘Canadian Ginger’ and a group of students at the IDC Herzliya, are hosting a week culinary tour of Israel for 6 world acclaimed food bloggers. Israel, over the past decades, has become a culinary pearl because of its rare collection of elasticities creating and overlapping a combination of old-world tastes and modern gourmet, the bloggers will experience the eclectic mix of tastes composing the Israeli kitchen are exposed to the unique experience of seeing Israel through a new prism.

The vision is to entice the appetite of people worldwide to the Israeli palate and to show them the culinary highlights that are so widely available here.

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