Top 10 Hipster Paradises in the World

For the the scruffy, Value- Village wearing, bicycle riding, indie listening hipster, SDM with the help of Thrillest, is counting down the top 10 hipster paradises in the world.

Scroll down to see which place is number one, better yet, at a close second – you might be surprised!

10. Kreuzberg — Berlin, Germany


Part of the hipster lifestyle includes having an eclectic taste in music, whether it be indie or in Kreuzberg’s case, punk rock. This neighbourhood is know for its historic punk rock culture that still today emanates through its streets. During the day, hipsters cool down by the neighbourhood’s floating pool, because any other pool is too mainstream. While at night, punks and hipster alike, hit the clubs for some headbanger music.

9. Malasaña — Madrid, Spain 


Besides the bikes and beards, Malasana is known to have some of the deepest v’s in the world. Cafes, book stores, and second hand shops line the streets… no wonder hipsters flock here.

8. Tiong Bahru — Singapore


Tiong Bahru screams hipster with its vintage style, over priced coffee shops, independent cafes, and trendy shops.

7. Shoreditch — London, UK 


With working- class origins, this tech neighbourhood stays true to its old- school style, street art and grunginess.

6. Södermalm — Stockholm, Sweden


While its full name is too mainstream, hipsters refer to it as Soder: a Brooklyn inspired neighbourhood with bottles of Brooklyn brewery and even a place called Sofo… gotta love Brooklyn, right?

5. Fitzroy — Melbourne, Australia


Besides its cool Melbourne Fringe festival, Fitzroy is the home of quirky artistic individuals.

4. Vesterbro — Copenhagen, Denmark


Sex shops and bikes. This neighbourhood is known for its historic sex industry and eco-friendly living. Sounds perfect for the hipster couple!

3. Amsterdam-Noord — Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam- Noord is the place to be for the lively hipster. This neighbourhood has a cool urban vibe with pops up shops, galleries, skate-parks, and festivals.

2. Florentin — Tel Aviv, Israel 


Not because SDM is bias or anything, but Florentin makes the number one hipster paradise on our list. Who doesn’t love Tel Aviv with its bauhaus culture and 24 hour night life?!

1. Williamsburg — New York, New York


All of the above.