IT’S time for the Ladies… SDM’S TOP 10 Ladies of 2011

As hard as it is to chose 10 Guys (Check them out here), it’s way harder to chose 10 Ladies!! Israelis are known for their looks, but boys step aside… Israeli women are a HOT COMMODITY! 

After some tough decisions, here are SDM’s TOP 10 ISRAELI LADIES!


Meital Dohan

She graced us with her presence on Weeds and The Sopranos, this 2 times Israelis Oscar nominee turned Singer is all the hotness we can handle. Check out her latest single here

Noa Tishby

Soon to be single (Read more) Noa Tishby is all the talent and looks a girl can ask for. Her appearances on NCIS, Big Love and CSI just to name a few, sure made American TV that much hotter!


Natalie Portman

A new baby (Read more), an Oscar and being named one of the Hottest Jews alive (Read More) makes Natalie a tough competitor to beat for a position on SDM’s TOP 10 Ladies.



Noa’s voice, music and initiatives bringing people together (Read more) are just a few of the many reasons she’s on our Top 10


Bar Rafaeli

This is one HOT lady that needs no introduction, her recent split from Leo DiCaprio (yet again) means she’s on the market. She’s the new face of ESCADA (Read more), She’s Fit enough for GapFIT (Read more) and she is introducing her own line of lingerie (Read more)  She’s talented, beautiful and one of Israel’s top names in the Fashion world, Boys/Girls take a number!


Riff Cohen

She’s beautiful, talented and won the hearts of the French with her recent single “A Paris” (Watch here) Any Israeli who’s good enough for the French, is good enough for us!


Mali Levi

No wonder Angelina Jolie is threatened by this Israeli beauty, it was reported that when Jolie learnt that Levi might co-star in “World War Z” with Brad, she wasn’t happy! (Read more) Anyone who can threaten Jolie is on our list of top 10!


Esti Ginzburg

Imagine her in uniform… Now stop, concentrate and check out her piece on Army Uniform / Designer Clothes for Vogue Italy (Watch Here) ! Ginzburg is one of Israel’s hottest commodity, from Sports Illustrated photo shoots(Watch here) to a successful music single (Listen here) Esti is very deserving of her spot on our TOP 10 list!


Alona Tal

Marky Mark (Wahlberg) seems to have a little fetish for Israeli girls, after acting along side Israeli actress Gal Gadot (Watch Here), It’s Alona Tal’s turn, after appearances in Supernatural, Against the Wall, and The Killing, Tal will be appearing along side Wahlberg in the upcoming political thriller, Broken City (Read More)


Ayelet Zurer

Superman is getting a Yummy Mummy courtesy of the state of Israel. Ayelet Zurer will be replacing Julia Ormond as Superman’s Mother. She’s now the mother of a Super Hero (Read more)…Doesn’t she look the part! Her spot on the Top 10 is just … obvious


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