IT’S OUT! SDM’s TOP 10 Israeli GUYS of 2011

As you all know, it’s very tough to chose just 10 AWESOME Israeli guys, but we did our best!


DJ Erez Ben Ishay

Being Hot and Talented are just two things that got Erez his part of this pie… earlier this year, Erez became the first ever Israeli DJ to play in Quebec City, heating up “Le Drague Cabaret” @ SDM’s “Tel Aviv A Quebec” party! Check out SDM’s interview with Erez here and a short but HOT video from the party here

Assi Azar

From reality show host (“Big Brother” Israel) to Documentary maker, Assi has quickly become famous around the world for his work on “Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you” Check out SDM’s interview with this Israeli hunk here

Idan Matalon

Idan has caught the attention of many with his “LipDub” videos, from Lady GaGa to Adam Levine, Idan brings you the songs with a little tour of Tel Aviv, Check out his latest interview by “MyGayTrip” in TETU Magazine here

Andrew Lagenfeld

American Native now Israeli, Andrew brings a lot to his new home, a former professional swimmer and founder of “Our Group” Andrew fights both in the pool and in the Human Rights field… his activism, athleticism and looks gets him on our TOP 10 list. Check out SDM’s ONE-on-ONE with Andrew here

Niran Avisar

If Israeli Fashion needed a push Niran is definitely helping, with his win of the Diesel Award @ the ITS#TEN competition in Italy, Niran put Israel on the FASHION MAP. His talent and awesomeness got him on our TOP10 list. Check out our ONE-on-ONE with Niran Avisar here

Alon Aboutboul

While his appearances on NCIS, the Mentalist and Fringe are great, Alon’s casting as the Mad Scientist on the much awaited “Dark Knight Rises” definitely gives him our two thumbs up! Read more here

Idan Raichel

Idan needs no introduction, his music, efforts to bring people together (Read here) and recent collaboration with India Arie (Read here) makes him one of our favourite Israelis of 2011! 

Omri Casspi

Isreal’s biggest name in American sports, Omri Casspi’s rise to the NBA and being named 1 of Sports Illustrated’s greatest Jewish athletes of all time (Read more) gives Omri a clean shot into our Top 10 list


DJ Tomer G

DJ Tomer G has succeeded in doing something very few Israelis have (or anyone else)… and that is, getting the French to like him! Tomer was named one of the top 3 DJs by the national French Channel TF1 music’s show “Toute la Musique” while his current effort, a remix of “White stripes” will be the official anthem for the French soccer team to the upcoming UEFA European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine (Read More)


Gilad Shalit

and of course,  if the nation of Israel could make a baby, Gilad would be it. After years in captivity, Gilad came home in 2011, his survival and high spirit gives him a firm position in our top 10! (Read more)


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