Israeli Aviad Arik Herman designs Miss Sweden’s costumes for the Miss Universe Pageant


Photography by Jubal Battisti

It’s not everyday that you hear about a Swedish National Costume being designed by an israeli, well, today is the day. We chatted with Aviad about his creation and the projects he’s working on, let us know what you think about his creation.

How does an Israeli designer end up designing the Swedish National Costume ?

In 2011, the creative director of the Miss Universe Sweden who had followed my work and read a few articles about my designs approached me. After reviewing my latest creation for an American dance company, he invited me to contribute to Miss Sweden and sponsor her National Costume for last year’s Miss Universe Pageant in Sao Paolo, Brazil. I decided to offer the organization a design I created for a competition for up-and-coming designers in Sweden. The costume represented the country’s enormous to the world of art and dance. The collaboration with the Miss Sweden Organization was pleasant and successful, which lead to this year’s collaboration – I am honored to be the official sponsor, yet again, for Miss Sweden and design both her evening gown and the national costume for the pageant, which will take place in Moscow on November 9th.

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Photography by Jubal Battisti    Graphic design : Professional Dreamer

What was the inspiration for this year’s design ?

Mother Svea, which is the female personification of Sweden and a symbol of Swedish nationalism, inspired the creation. Mother Svea is normally depicted as a powerful female warrior, valkyrie or shieldmaiden, frequently holding a shield and standing beside a lion. To me, this costume is the Haute Couture, glamorous, fashion forward, sensual and powerful version of Mother Svea. Seeing Alexandra Friberg (Miss Sweden 2013) wearing it, gives me the chills, she looks stunning! It is very exciting to get so much positive feedbacks from the pageant’s fans and bloggers around the world.

Mother Svea

Was the dress influenced by anything Israeli ?

I guess given that I myself am Israeli, have grown and lived in Israel , exposed and inspired by the creativity of Israeli fashion and design – it is possible there is an indirect Israeli influence. In fact, the costume itself was created in Israel, with my fantastic talented Israeli team, using fabrics and materials purchased in Israel and NYC. I guess that could count as an Israeli influence as well.

Are you working on other projects?

So much going on! I recently completed a very exciting project. “Barbie Live!” is a new dance musical produced by Mattel INC and EMS productions, which tells the story of Barbie & Friends, the world’s most famous fashion icon. The musical is both directed and choreographed by the oh so talented Kobi Rozenfeld (also Israeli), both his team and the cast are incredibly creative. The show was produced in LA and is currently touring all over Asia Pacific. I designed 270 costumes for the musical. I trust it will make its’ way to North America very soon, so that you too can enjoy it. I am currently creating designs for Israeli choreographer Idan Sharabi for a show that is premiering on November 15th in Tel Aviv. My next project, and the 6th of the sort, is for Belgic/Colombian choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, for her new creation that will be premiering in October at the Manila Ballet in the Philippines, In Israel, I have designed a few dresses for the Israeli TV series’ “Haborer”, for the character of ‘cookie’ played by Neta Garti I am also working on a new fashion-focused artistic installation for the Gothenburg Opera Dance Company, but that’s for May 2014.

You can check what Aviad is up to by clicking here