ATTENTION FASHIONISTAS: 17.5% rise in demand for workers in fashion chains in Israel

Entrance of foreign chains to Israeli market leads to spike in demand for workers, particularly ahead of Passover. Atid manpower company reports of 14% rise in demand for salespeople in fashion stores, 15% rise in demand for food chain employees

Foreign clothing chains that entered the Israeli market ahead ofPassover brought with them more employment opportunities in the field of fashion. A 17.5% rise was noted in demand for general employees at fashion chains, and a 14% rise was noted in demand for salespeople.

These figures were presented by the Atid manpower company, which has recruited workers for international chains recently infiltrating the Israeli market such as IKEA and H&M.

According to the numbers, a 15% rise in job openings in the food business was also noted, apparently in order to accommodate the increase in consumers during the period before the holiday.

A similar trend was also noted in temporary jobs, with a 15% increase in recruitment. Demand for extra employees during the holiday period also rose by some 20%.

The highest increase in demand for employees during the holiday period was in the field of cashiers at 22%, followed by packagers, 15.7% and ushers, 13.8%.

According to Atid CEO Moshe Weitzman, “The increase in employee recruitment ahead of the Passover holiday is a familiar trend, but this year, we are witnessing a clearer and more significant positive trend compared to last year. This will have a long-term effect since with time, these companies will have to man more posts and recruit workers continuously.”Weitzman explained to Ynet that this is due to the fact that a significant portion of temporary jobs turn into permanent ones. “These data point to a trend of economic recovery compared to last year’s recession. I am hopeful that this trend of recovery in the market will continue.