10 Cool Apps from Israel

You already know that some of the coolest and most useful mobile apps in the world (think Waze) were dreamed up by Israelis.

Every few months, ISRAEL21c presents 10 of the latest apps that could change the way you work and play.

1. Rounds

Described as a mashup of WhatsApp and Skype, Rounds offers a free live communication platform where up to 12 friends can simultaneously and instantaneously send group text messages, chat via video, watch videos, play games, share photos and more. To date, Rounds has amassed $22 million in funding and millions of subscribers using iOS and Android devices

2.  TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) 

TL;DR is an email client with one mission: keeping emails to 30 words or less. The concept of writing a TL;DR summary at the top of emails is already out there, and Everything. Me co-founder Ami Ben David turned it into an app available on iTunes and as a Chrome extension on Google Play. The first 30 words of each outgoing and incoming email are converted to posts automatically (showing text, links, images, discussions), so users can swipe through their inbox quickly. Yo cofounder Moshe Hogeg invested in the app’s seed financing round.

3. Linebound – Life on the Line

This fast-paced mobile arcade game by Crazy Labs (the adult games division of TabTale  topped a million downloads in the first 72 hours of its release. Linebound was featured under “Best New Apps” in 120 countries for iPhone and iPad, and ranked in the top 10 games in more than 40 countries.

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