The Foodie List – Tel Aviv bloggers welcome international culinary TV show

By: ‪ Kristof Steiner

Camera‬ on, cuz somethin’ is ‪‎cooking‬! I’m excited to share with you the great news – ‪Canada‬’s latest ‪culinary‬ revolution, ‪#‎TheFoodieList‬ ‪TV show‬ is coming to town. Stay tuned‬ for more, foodies of the world, I’m sharing the juicy details.*

I’m ‪‎happy‬ and ‪proud‬ to be one of the ‪foodies‬ presenting ‪‎Tel Aviv‬’s ‪‎vegan‬ culture – the show will air in Canada around September, and will arrive to France and Asia by 2016. We started our tour with a ‪‎mouthwatering‬ ‪Israeli‬ ‪breakfast in Meshek Barzilay‬, ‪vegan style‬.

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