Talk about Kickass accessories – LETHAL LIPSTICK, MORTAL MASCARA

Talk about kick-ass accessories! Women are learning how to escape from muggers and rapists using their high heels and designer purses — and even their mascara and lipstick!

“Women don’t realize it, but their accessories can be lethal weapons,” said James Sherman, who teaches women how to defend themselves by using their shoes or the common items in their purse.

It is a form of martial arts called Krav Maga, developed by Israeli defense forces.

It’s now taught to law enforcement agencies and armed forces around the world. The FBI uses it, as do a number of SWAT teams in the U.S.

Krav Maga is now gaining popularity in the U.S. after several Hollywood stars used it to train for film roles. It’s now being taught all across America.

Oscar winner Angelina Joliespent two hours a day, three to four times a week, learning Krav Maga for her role in her action thriller “Salt.”

Jennifer Lopez learned Krav Maga for the movie “Enough,” as did Jennifer Garner for the TV series “Alias.”

Hilary SwankMatt DamonAshton Kutcher and Russell Brand have also learned it in preparation for movies.

“A lot of women don’t want to spend time learning self-defense like judo or jujutsu. But I figured if I could incorporate something that really interests them, like their accessories, then it might appeal to them,” said Sherman.

He teaches Krav Maga at the Complete Body and Spa in New York City.

Source: National Enquire