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ONE on ONE: Israeli Artist Ron Shoshani

Posted on:
March 16, 2011

Browsing the Internet for Israeli artists, I came across this amazing Tel Aviv portrait. I decided it was only fair to share Roni’s work with all of you. Below an interview with the artist.

Tell us about yourself

I’m a photographer and a visual artist, mainly focusing on cityscapes.

How would you describe your work ?

My photo artworks are in the twilight of photography and paintings.

Who are some of the artists that have influenced you ?

My major influence is Michelangelo, the Italian renaissance painter. I’ve read a lot about Michelangelo, his art and biography.

Where is your favourite place to shoot ?

My favourite shooting places are urban cityscapes, where the modern towers and buildings are painting the city skyline and meeting the street traffic. My photoworks represent a dreamy and loving view of city scenes that reflect a tension between earth and sky, man made and nature.

Does being Israeli influence the type of art you produce ? If so, how so ?

Being an Israeli challenges my work a lot. I try to present the beauty of this modern and cosmopolitan place which has a great mix of a sea, busy streets, modern architecture and a great tempo. I’ve created a successful short stop-motion clip of Tel-Aviv called TLVexpress, which shows the magic and beauty and the great tempo of the city. Link to clip

Have you exhibited your work ? Future exhibits ?

My photo works were exhibited some months ago at Hadassa gallery in Jerusalem. As for the future, I’m planning to create 2 more stop-motion clips and a new exhibition of Tel Aviv cityscapes.

And of course, Does size matter ? (…in regards to Israel of course)

ah, yes, size matters, in a small country and smaller cities it is much more challanging to find new shooting locations, but i’m always enthusiastic and excited about that.


Check out more of Roni’s work

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