The Rise of the Israeli Style Selfie


by Simona Kogan

Recently, I was inspired by a fashion article in The Jerusalem Post column “Holy Fashion”, by an Israeli fashion photographer Ella Manor. In it, Manor posed with Israeli celebs and fashion heavyweights for stylish selfies.

The article was a trendy study in visuals that got me thinking: there are some major fashion personalities in Israel. These bloggers, stylists, personal shoppers, icons, celebs, and style lovers, are known in the industry –and are able to come up with fashion photos at the drop of a hat. With just a click of an Instagram button, without the aid of professional photographers at their beck and call, these fashionistas and fashionistos create visual fashion moments that stick with us long after clothes have been changed.

We’re not just talking about those chic “outfit of the day” posts that go on their blogs. We’re talking about spur-of-the-moment style snaps that translate into veritable style selfies.
Here are some of my favorites, they represent varied personalities in the Israeli fashion industry.

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