Israel Continues to Save Syrian Lives

Last week, eight Syrians – including two children – who were severely injured in artillery strikes on a hospital were evacuated from Syria to Israel; Watch as the IDF heroically goes in to rescue these desperate people and save their lives.

The wounded were sent from ruined the medical center to the border fence, and the IDF medical corps declared their arrival on the other side of the border to be a medical emergency with multiple casualties.

The injured persons were bleeding heavily and were injured in all different parts of their bodies. They had everything from head injuries to shrapnel injuries to even bullet wounds. Dozens of IDF paramedics and doctors worked under cover of darkness to treat them.

“We were forced to call in medical teams from the armored corps who happened to be doing drills that day in the Golan to supplement the medical forces of the brigade which is normally responsible for the area, alongside various reserve forces,” explained Micky Almakis from the divisional medical squad.

“Seven medical teams, including high ranking medical personnel were called to the area. The two children had burns all over their bodies and were in real danger of losing their lives. They were groaning from the pain they were in. Now, they’re recovering and being taken care of by the best people.

Their grandmother came to accompany them, and thanked us for treating them. The wounded Syrians were surprised at the care and compassion we gave to them when they crossed the border over to us,” Almakis said.





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