SDM’s ONE-on-ONE with the 2012 face of Spartacus – Eliad Cohen

SDM’s ONE-on-ONE with the 2012 face of Spartacus – Eliad Cohen

He’s on the cover of the most popular international travel guide Spartacus, His Face… and bod… are all over the renowned “Arisa” Videos, and he is part owner of the new Gay Travel web phenomenon, his name is Eliad Cohen, and in addition to making it to the front covers of several international Gay […]

Leo and Maguire crashed it… It’s now time for DJ Erez Ben Ishay to hit #SXSW2012 (TO is next!)

If you’re in Austin Texas… You won’t want to miss the OFFICIAL TLV Beach Party at #SXSW2012 – THIS Friday (click here for info) If you son’t make it to Texas… but plan to be in Toronto on April 26th, Erez will be spinning at SDM’s TLV2YYZ, DON’T miss this!   Want a taste: His […]

Tel Aviv market a bonanza from ordinary to exotic (Chicago Tribune)

TEL AVIV — Visiting a food market in a far-flung destination is a great way to get a sense of the people who live there. Israel is no exception. The market in Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city, showcases the small desert country’s agricultural innovations and the immigrant backgrounds of many Israeli residents. Tel Aviv’s Carmel […]

Israel, Iran, Jordan and Turkey join forces for multimillion-dollar science project

Each of the four countries has pledged $5 million toward the SESAME facility, which is being built near Amman. In an extraordinary act of regional cooperation, Israel, Iran, Jordan and Turkey are to jointly provide funds for a particle accelerator as part of their commitment to a UNESCO-sponsored scientific project, it was announced on Wednesday. […]

VIDEO: Israeli Actor/Model Oz Zehavi’s ‘Southland’ debut

Last night  was exciting for actor Oz Zehavi. He had his American prime-time-TV-debut  in ‘Southland’ playing Eric Hanson, while walking the runaway for Renuar fashion brand in Tel Aviv Source:

Cisco set to buy NDS for $5B

Company founded by Weizmann Institute scientists, operates large R&D center in Jerusalem Former Israeli company NDS, which operates a large R&D center in Jerusalem, is in advanced acquisition talks with information technology giant Cisco, Calcalist reported Thursday. The company, which develops software solutions for multi-channel television networks and is owned by the Premira fund and […]