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SDM’s ONE-on-ONE with the 2012 face of Spartacus – Eliad Cohen

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March 15, 2012
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He’s on the cover of the most popular international travel guide Spartacus, His Face… and bod… are all over the renowned “Arisa” Videos, and he is part owner of the new Gay Travel web phenomenon Gay-Ville.com, his name is Eliad Cohen, and in addition to making it to the front covers of several international Gay Magazines… he’s also a very proud Israeli.

Who is Eilad Cohen ?

Eliad Cohen (born May 11, 1988) is an Israeli producer, actor, model, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Gay-ville. He is best known for his role as presenter of the Arisa party line and also for being chosen as the cover of the Spartacus International Gay Guide for the 2011-2012 issue. Eliad was born on May 11, 1988 in Akko, Israel. After completing high school, Eliad served in the Israel Defense Forces in an elite combat unit for three years. After completing his army service, Eliad moved to Tel Aviv where he began his modeling career. Eliad is openly gay

You describe yourself as a Producer, Actor, Model and Entrepreneur. Which one is your favourite ?

My favourite role is being an Entrepreneur. It’s exciting. It’s constantly changing and your achievements are based on how much effort you have put in.
Each day is totally different from the other. I learn a lot, and I see my future as a busisnessman.
My business partners and I created something from scratch, and it gives me great fullfillment to see it grow.

Do you feel it’s important to promote Israel abroad? If so, why ?

I feel it is very important to show the world how Israel is a very liberal and modern country.
Many tourists who come here for the first time are totally shocked with what they see, in comparison to what they expect.
Tel Aviv is one of the gayest cities in the world. Two guys walking hand in hand is not something out of the ordinary. When I travel around the world, I get a lot of positive feedbacks from people who have visited Tel Aviv, and frompeople who heard about it from their friends.
On the other hand, there are still people who see Israel only in the media and all they see are negative reviews. Some of them think that instead of taxis you ride on camels.

What was your reaction when you were chosen to be on the cover of Sparacus ?

When spartacus approached me I was new in Tel Aviv and I did not know who they were. Once someone explained to me that they are most popular gay guide in the world, I got very excited. I was proud that the chai symbol, which I have on my necklace and is a Jewish symbol, was on the cover of an international gay guide. I got many supportive messages from people around the world.

You have many videos promoting a party called “Arisa” tell us about it

Arisa is the first oriental music party for gay people. We made the first video on January 2011, and it was a huge success all over the world.
After we understood that the video is popular, we made other videos with more actors, dancers and with famous Israeli singers.
I think the success of the Arisa videos is that they are short, funny and sexy.

The Arisa Party line travelled to Brazil… what was the reaction of the crowd?

At the first show in Sao paulo, we did not know what to expect from the Brazilian crowd. How would thye react to the oriental music? We were amazed to see 1500 brazilians at the party singing our songs together with us. Click here to watch

You’ve recently started a website called “Gay-Ville.com” What exactly is it ?

Gay-ville is a website which helps gay traveler, by renting their own apartments to other gay people when they’re out of town.

My friends and I travel all the time, and we were always trying to figure out how we could travel even more. We also noticed that many of our friends were looking for the same things when they travel. We all go to large gay-friendly cities around the world — Berlin, Madrid, Tel Aviv, NY, Rio — and in these cities we want to stay in the gay neighborhood. We want to feel free to do what we like — we want a gay-friendly environment where we can be ourselves. We want to meet lots of people, have a great time and share our travel experience together. We don’t need to spend $500 a night on a fancy hotel to have a good time. What for? Many times we travel in groups of friends and if we can share an apartment for half the price and stay twice as long it’s much better. So, whenever we travel we are always looking for a local to show us around and tell us about the hot spots.

What we realized is that everyone wanted the same thing. And, that that there was no other site dedicated to providing this service.

So we came up with Gay-ville. On our site you can plan start your whole gay travel experience. We’ll tell you what’s happening in each city, find an apartment or room in a gay area, allow you to rent out your own apartment while you are away to subsidize your trip (so your apartment pays your trip – this way you can travel more!) and give you a safe and friendly way to connect to locals and other travelers just like you.

Check out one of Gay-Ville’s ads…

And of course, does Size Matter ? (In relation to Israel size of course)

I don’t think so…

Leo and Maguire crashed it… It’s now time for DJ Erez Ben Ishay to hit #SXSW2012 (TO is next!)

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March 15, 2012
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If you’re in Austin Texas… You won’t want to miss the OFFICIAL TLV Beach Party at #SXSW2012 – THIS Friday (click here for info)

If you son’t make it to Texas… but plan to be in Toronto on April 26th, Erez will be spinning at SDM’s TLV2YYZ, DON’T miss this!


Want a taste: His latest track from his set in Brazil

Tel Aviv market a bonanza from ordinary to exotic (Chicago Tribune)

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March 15, 2012
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TEL AVIV — Visiting a food market in a far-flung destination is a great way to get a sense of the people who live there. Israel is no exception. The market in Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city, showcases the small desert country’s agricultural innovations and the immigrant backgrounds of many Israeli residents.

Tel Aviv’s Carmel market, also known as Shuk Ha’Carmel, is close to the shore and a short walk down Allenby Street from the city’s hotel area. It’s part flea market, with vendors selling clothes, trinkets, cosmetics and cigarettes — there’s something quirky about seeing Camel cigarettes for sale in a place where you often see real camels — but mostly it’s a foodie haven of dried fruit, exotic spices, local olive oil, imported cheeses and fresh fish, meat and poultry. You also could spend your time dealing with the more immediate needs of an empty stomach by visiting stalls that sell persimmon smoothies, imported chocolates, mounds of colorful candies, fresh falafel, halva, lamb shawarma and borekas, the salty stuffed Turkish puff pastries that seem to be everywhere in Israel.

Tel Aviv chef Yair Feinberg, 35, gives market tours to travelers as part of his culinary business Fein Cook. He also offers cooking classes, specialty dinners and works on an Israeli television version of “Iron Chef.” Feinberg, the son of Argentine immigrants, grew up on a kibbutz in Israel’s Negev region and trained to be a chef at L’Institut Paul Bocuse in France. He later worked in several Michelin-star-receiving restaurants in Paris, Provence, France, and Tuscany, Italy, before returning to Israel in 2005.

It’s easy to wander the market alone and relish your solo discoveries. But a trip with someone like Feinberg can add insight and explanations about what you are seeing.

Take the giant lemons, for instance. After sampling some of the largest and juiciest clementines I’d ever tasted, I was convinced I was in the land of giant fruit when I came across what I was sure were the largest lemons I’d ever seen — about the size of a 16-inch softball.

Feinberg said the fruit actually is a pomelo, a large citrus fruit originally from Asia. The pomelo is now grown in Israel, where it also is crossbred with grapefruit to create Israel’s Sweetie. Sweeties are similar in size to a grapefruit but sweeter, with thick green or yellow skin and a remarkable 40 or fewer calories per fruit.

Feinberg is happy to talk about Israel’s agricultural innovations. He said that when the country was young and dealing with its lack of arable land and water, farmers worked at developing fruits and vegetables that would survive and thrive in the desert climate. The results include special varieties of mushrooms and strawberries that grow large and sweet in greenhouses where insects are used to fight common diseases that limit growth, he said.

If your schedule is flexible, plan to visit the Carmel market on a Tuesday or Friday, when local artisans display and sell their wares on the nearby pedestrian mall and the area is turned into a kind of street fair. Jewelry, wood carvings and stained glass are among the offerings.

If you want to sit down for a meal during your market visit, consider HaBasta restaurant, a favorite of local chefs. Chef Maoz Alonim is known for his use of fresh ingredients.

For a good cup of strong coffee in a funky little storefront, head a few blocks southwest of the Carmel market to Levinsky Street and its spice shops. Stop in at Kaymak, 47 Levinsky St., where the American expat owner will give you something warm to drink, as well as a place to sit and watch the world go by. It’s impossible to walk through a market and not consider the people who shop there. While talking about how Israeli olive oil is different — strong and bold — Feinberg said that the description also might apply to Israelis.

“The culinary world in Israel is a mixture of a lot of influences from all the immigrant communities in Israel and the Arab background of the region,” he said. “One of the main characteristics of the Israeli food is that it has a very pronounced taste. The sweets are very sweet, the coffee is very bitter. … We use a lot of spices, fresh herbs.”

If you go

Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan city where you can find myriad food choices in restaurants that offer cuisine that spans the globe. The Israel Ministry of Tourism’s website for North America, goisrael.com, offers a lot of good information about the entire country. You can search the site for details on Tel Aviv’s Carmel market and restaurants and night life.

Chef Yair Feinberg’s company website is feincook.co.il, but unless you can read Hebrew you’ll only be able to look at the photos. You can reach him by email, however, at yair@feincook.co.il. He speaks and writes in English.


Source: Chicago Tribune


Israel, Iran, Jordan and Turkey join forces for multimillion-dollar science project

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March 15, 2012
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Each of the four countries has pledged $5 million toward the SESAME facility, which is being built near Amman.

In an extraordinary act of regional cooperation, Israel, Iran, Jordan and Turkey are to jointly provide funds for a particle accelerator as part of their commitment to a UNESCO-sponsored scientific project, it was announced on Wednesday.

Each of the four countries has pledged $5 million toward the SESAME facility, which is being built near Amman. SESAME stands for Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East. According to the UNESCO website, the project aims to “foster scientific and technological excellence in the Middle East and neighboring countries (and prevent or reverse brain drain ) by enabling world-class research,” and to “build scientific and cultural bridges between neighboring countries.”

The project is slated to go online in 2015.

Egypt was originally meant to be one of the sponsors, but the past year’s instability there made it difficult to secure its commitment. From Wednesday’s announcement, it appears that Iran is taking Egypt’s place.

The $20 million isn’t enough to cover the accelerator project. Another $15 million is being sought from Europe and the United States. The SESAME center will ultimately cost $100 million.

“This announcement is a breakthrough in terms of the financial infrastructure,” said Prof. Eliezer Rabinovici, a physicist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who has attended SESAME planning meetings.

“SESAME had enough money to build the building to house the accelerator, and to install its first components, which are being donated by the Germans. Now this commitment will enable the purchase of a light source for the accelerator,” he said.

Moshe Vigdor, who heads the Planning and Budgeting Committee of Israel’s Council for Higher Education, said that without this agreement the project would have collapsed.

As for Iran’s involvement, he said, “Science crosses borders and Israel participates in many international scientific forums that include Iran.”

SESAME also includes representatives from the Palestinian Authority, Pakistan, Bahrain and Cyprus.

According to Rabinovici, SESAME’s seeds were sown at a meeting that took place in Dahab, Sinai, three weeks after Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated. Scientists from Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Morocco, as well as Palestinian scientists, were at the meeting.

While terror attacks in the late 1990s moved the working meetings to Europe, work on the project continued, getting a major boost with the donation of a German synchrotron, which will serve as the base for the new accelerator.

Unlike accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, the synchrotron is not based on particle collisions but on the cyclic beaming of electrons within the accelerator. When the electrons are accelerated they radiate, and this radiation can be used for screening in archaeology, physics, life sciences, pharmacology and other fields.

There are 60 such synchrotrons in the world, but none in the Middle East.

Source: Haaretz.com

VIDEO: Israeli Actor/Model Oz Zehavi’s ‘Southland’ debut

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March 15, 2012
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Last night  was exciting for actor Oz Zehavi. He had his American prime-time-TV-debut  in ‘Southland’ playing Eric Hanson, while walking the runaway for Renuar fashion brand in Tel Aviv

Source: AbbaNibi.com

Cisco set to buy NDS for $5B

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March 15, 2012
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Company founded by Weizmann Institute scientists, operates large R&D center in Jerusalem

Former Israeli company NDS, which operates a large R&D center in Jerusalem, is in advanced acquisition talks with information technology giant Cisco, Calcalist reported Thursday.

The company, which develops software solutions for multi-channel television networks and is owned by the Premira fund and News Corp, is expected to finalize the sale within days in a mega-deal estimated at $5 billion.

NDS was founded in 1988 in Jerusalem by a group of scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science. The company specializes in the development of interactive systems for secure delivery of entertainment and information to digital TVs, digital set-top boxes, PCs and mobile devices. NDS also provides electronic security solutions for web applications.

Talks between Cisco and Premira, which owns 51% of NDS, and the News Corp group, which is controlled by Rupert Murdoch and owns 49% of the company, are in their final stages. The deal’s estimated value is about 35% higher than NDS’s value when it was delisted from the stock exchange in 2009.

Magnet for foreign investors

The company’s flagship product is its encryption and conditional access system, VideoGuard, which is installed on home TVs via smartcards integrated into set-top boxes.

NDS’s solutions have been a magnet for foreign investors from its inception. In 1992, four years after it was founded, the company had its first moment of glory when it was acquired by News Corp for $15 million. In 1999, NDS achieved another milestone when Murdoch listed the company on NASDAQ.

Ten years later, the picture changed once again for the former Israeli company when the European Premira partnered with New Corp and the two acquired all of NDS’s outstanding shares for $3.7 billion. Following the move, NDS was delisted from NASDAQ.

In recent months, NDS’s owners made headlines for very different reasons. News Corp found itself in the epicenter of a phone hacking scandal, which resulted in the shutting down of the News of the World tabloid. Murdoch himself, who has become the target of worldwide criticism, was forced to testify before a British parliamentary committee.

Premira made headlines in Israel under completely different circumstance, namely a series of acquisitions and negotiations involving several Israeli companies. Recently, the private equity fund acquired a controlling interest in irrigation solutions company Netafim for $850 million.

NDS itself had recently made headlines in Israel following media reports that the company submitted its initial public offering prospectus to NYSE in the aim of raising $100 million. According to reports, the offering will be led by Morgan Stanley, J. P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs, which are believed to be underwriting the present acquisition deal as well, with J.P. Morgan as lead underwriter.

Source: Ynetnews.com