Anglo pioneering baby sleep consulting industry in Israel

Anglo pioneering baby sleep consulting industry in Israel

Helena Harow, a health care practitioner and mother of six, is teaching new parents how to make it through the night. Bleary-eyed 2 A.M. car rides to wear out irritable newborns. Toddlers forging night-long sibling alliances against unsuspecting mothers. Exhausted parents resting their heads on their computer keyboards at work. Years of hearing stories about […]

VIDEO: Israeli pop star-turned-rock-n-roll-singer tackles first album in English

‘My goal with this album is to appear around the world, on new stages, meet new people, a new culture,’ says the first season winner of Israeli ‘American Idol.’ Pop-rock singer and actress Ninet Tayeb, who this week released the first song from the English-language album she produced in Liverpool, now feels she’s on the […]

It’s World DJ Day… Check out the TOP 5 Israeli DJs (According to DJlist) and some of our favorites…

What is World DJ day? World DJ day observed March 9. Today is the professional holiday of sound producers and hosts of dancing grounds. This youth holiday was initiated by UNESCO 10 years ago. In Belarus DJs not only hold parties, but also collect resources for helping children’s organizations.   In the spirit of World […]

VIDEO: Israeli mentalist ‘GoldMind’ takes on a Personal Trainer… Mind over Muscle, who wins ?

Mentalist Haim Goldenberg – GoldMind. How our Appearance influence our mind?

Israel’s GDP adds 4.7% in 2011

Central Bureau of Statistics releases national growth figures for 2011: GDP per capita added 2.8%, exports increased by 4.9%, private consumption up 3.6% Israel’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) added 4.7% in 2011, following an increase of 4.8% in 2010 and 0.8% in 2009, the Central Bureau of Statistics said Thursday. According to CBS data, gross […]

Israel’s new capital of culture

It seems there is a desire to shed light equally, or even as a kind of affirmative action, on Haifa and Jerusalem. From the name of a new exhibition in Haifa – “Haifa-Jerusalem-Tel Aviv” – one can already conclude that there is a desire to turn the dominant narrative on its head, to shatter to […]