Natalie Portman takes her Son and Hubby to Synagogue in Santa Monica

Natalie Portman takes her Son and Hubby to Synagogue in Santa Monica

Cuddle love! Natalie Portman holds her baby close as she steps out in Los Angeles with ‘husband’ Benjamin Natalie Portman looked every inch the proud mother as she hugged baby Aleph close yesterday in Santa Monica. The Oscar winning actress wrapped her arms around her little bundle of joy, who she carried on her front […]

VIDEO: Will this Israeli ‘HOT’ ad make Iran ban Samsung ? (Translated)

The leaders of Iran are reportedly thinking of banning samsung over this ad… Just another reason this Ad is funny!

First Claire Danes… It’s now Julia Stiles’ turn to star in adaptation of Israeli TV hit

Latest name to come onboard for pilot of US version of Israeli hit ‘Timrot Ashan’ is that of Hollywood star Julia Stiles Casting for the pilot of the American version of Israeli hit ‘Timrot Ashan’ (Midnight Sun in its US version) is continuing and the latest name to come onboard is that of Julia Stiles […]

Israeli court recognizes lesbian couple as biological mothers of child

In precedential ruling, Ramat Gan Family Court criticizes Interior Ministry’s requirement that baby’s egg donor file for adoption. The Ramat Gan Family Court decided Sunday, in a precedential verdict, to recognize both women of a lesbian couple as the mothers of a baby boy. The lesbian couple underwent a medical procedure six years ago with […]