The people have spoken: Tel Aviv best Gay City of 2011 according to

The people have spoken: Tel Aviv best Gay City of 2011 according to

%47 have picked Tel Aviv as the Best City of 2011, followed by New York(14%), Toronto (7%) and Sao Paulo (6%). The poll was run by sponsored by American Airlines. Full Results via Gaycities

Tel Aviv Lifeguard Shacks To Become Tiny Hotels

The Pixel Hotel chain − whose rooms are not situated in a single building but are scattered about ‏(like pixels‏) around the city − originated in Linz, Austria, as an urban art project by a group of local architects including Sabine Funk, Michael Grugl, Jurgen Haller, Christian Leeb, Richard Steger and Christoph Weidinger. An after-hours […]

Lenny Kravitz heading to Israel ?

Lenny apparently he told his friends that his next target is a visit to Israel, gossip blogs in the holy land suggest. Kravitz may arrive within the next few months, but to much disappointment of his Israeli fans it’s not going to be a professional visit, but a personal vacation. Kravitz identifies himself as a […]

Israelis get dibs! First to experience Katie Holmes topless in sexy and sultry new campaign

She’s become known for dressing down in recent months, usually going casual in loose jeans and tracksuit bottoms. But now Katie Holmes has proved that when it comes to being sexy, she can still pull it out the bag. The 33-year-old actress is seen going topless in a series of sexy and sultry new campaign […]

Israeli Fashion Blog Dreed*Tea adds Men’s section

VIA DREED*TEA We are proud to finally open our men’s section here on Dreed*Tea together with our new fashion savvy contributer, Rani Mishaan. Rani explains to us the difference when shopping as a man in his most frequented shop Heavens on Shenkin Street. With these simple tips from Rani, we can guarantee your shopping will be fun, […]

Israeli archaeologists find 1,500-year-old kosher ‘bread stamp’ near Acre

The tiny stamp was used to identify baked products; experts think it belonged to a bakery that supplied kosher bread to the Jews of Acre in the Byzantine period. A 1,500-year-old seal with the image of the seven-branched Temple Menorah has been discovered near the city of Acre. The ceramic stamp, which dates from the […]