PICTURE: A Snowman in Israel?

PICTURE: A Snowman in Israel?

Time for some Skiing and Skating… Mt Hermon (Northern Israel) this morning

The battle is on for the best shwarma in Tel Aviv

Lovers of this Middle Eastern delicacy take their shwarma very seriously. So where should you go for this treat in Tel Aviv? Have a taste of the top five, as ranked by the experts at Haaretz and City Mouse Tel Aviv. Among Israeli aficionadas, the battle for the championship title of Best Shwarma can be […]

A hug a day (from a stuffed puppy) keeps the trauma away

A team of Israeli therapists has discovered that a little stuffed puppy named Hibuki can do wonders when it comes to comforting and engaging children who have experienced disasters, such as last year’s devastating tsunami in Japan. In August, a somewhat unusual Israeli delegation landed at Tokyo airport. Three Israelis got off the commercial flight: […]