VIDEO: The Israeli Army’s rendition of “Hot ‘n’ Cold” by Katy Perry (LipDub)

VIDEO: The Israeli Army’s rendition of “Hot ‘n’ Cold” by Katy Perry (LipDub)

The Israeli Army’s rendition of “Hot ‘n’ Cold” by Katty Perry, it’s pretty funny, check it out!

SDM’s One-ON-One with Professional Swimmer and Founder of “Our Group” Andrew Lagenfeld

An International Gay Youth Summit recently took place in Tel Aviv, while checking it out online I came across a video blog posted by an American native, now Israeli named Andrew Langenfeld. I googled Andrew and what I found made me think that bringing to you his video blog posts and an interview with Andrew […]

VIDEO: 25,000 domino pieces on this Holiday Season

(Video) Watching a large, magnificent Hanukkah candlestick collapse may be a difficult sight for its creators, but in Nissim Lopez and Yogev Levy’s case – it was a great joy. Watch domino menorah fall If video does not show up click here

Gay films thrive in Tel Aviv (Via Variety Magazine)

Aside from being the epicenter of the Israel film industry, Tel Aviv is quickly earning a reputation as the hottest gay destination in the Middle East. Or, as screenwriter, producer and journalist Gal Uchovsky says, “It’s good to be gay in Israel.” In some Middle East countries, being gay is cause for punishment, including a […]

Desalination plant could make Israel water exporter

National water company says new facility will not only meet Israel’s own water needs, it could also make it a top regional water exporter by 2014 Israel’s national water company signed a financing agreement to build a desalination plant, which officials said could allow drought-ridden Israel to export water to its neighbors upon completion in 2013. […]

Meet Chen Aharoni… (and his single with Esti Ginzburg) NEXT: The Voice UK

Meet Chen Aharoni, an Israeli singer who’s career launched with his 3rd place finish on “Kohav Nola” (Israel Idol) and a #1 single with Esti Ginzburg… What’s next for Chen: Well, Chen has just passed through the 3rd audition of “The Voice UK“… Yup, the show will launch with an Israeli contestant! WATCH OUT FOR IT! Source: […]