Dead and Naked… Tunick’s Dead Sea photo revealed

Dead and Naked… Tunick’s Dead Sea photo revealed

Spencer Tunick’s Dead Sea art installation “Naked sea” revealed. 1,200 people bared all to support the environment in this breath-taking, historical event. “Naked Sea”, artist Spencer Tunick’s awe-inspiring first image from his extraordinary artwork created on the shores of the Dead Sea has been revealed. Tunick located his art project in Israel with the purpose […]

Redesigning Tel Aviv

New Tel Aviv Museum of Art building to be inaugurated on November 2. So what’s in plan? The new Tel Aviv Museum of Art building will be inaugurated on November 2, along with the completion of the City Culture Square, which includes the Cameri Theater, the Israeli Opera House and the Beit Ariela library. The […]

Model/Boxer Ilya Grad becomes only Israeli to ever enter Malaysia, wave flag of Israel and leave in one piece

Israeli boxer a reality star in Malaysia Ilya Grad, 24, made history when he became the first Israeli to enter Malaysia, after receiving specialpermission from the country’s Muslim authorities, in order to participate in a national TV reality show on boxing. Grad, a former Israeli Muay Thai champion, the 2010 Asia champion and the second […]