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Israeli, Polish youth connect through art

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August 7, 2011
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Performance artist Adina Bar-On attempts to confront myths, bias associated with two historically-linked countries

Poland and Israel are historically and dramatically linked and modern day stories cannot escape this past.Adina Bar-On, an Israeli performance artist, a lecturer in the Art Department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and a frequent guest of cultural events in Poland, felt the need to reconnect the youth of both countries in order to confront the myths and bias that are associated with the two countries.

The loaded connection between aesthetics and bias is the heart and the content of Adina Bar-On’s creative work as a performance artist and is the subject dealt with in her classes at Bezalel. It is also the motivation for an initiative she started between Israeli and Polish art students nearly three years ago entitled, “Aesthetics and Bias”.

“Bias and myths are an inseparable part of culture and of the common aesthetic frameworks in which we function, and in accordance to which we assess and judge ourselves and our surroundings,” she says.

“These are inevitable creations of culture, products of deep and ancient needs of man’s soul. The bias and the myth are signifiers of an archetypal connection, tribal or local, in whose depths exist the passionate and creative, pointing essentially at the fear of instability and the fear of perishing.

“It is amazing and fascinating to realize that even after close and personal relationships are established between people, the myth and the bias will linger as a crutch to be guarded. These color our reality and our interpretations. They blur our sight and cause us to view the other from a narrower angle.

“Since Visual Communication deals with questions of aesthetics and issues of taste – beautiful/not beautiful, worthy/not worthy, right/not right – it seems that discussion on preferences and bias may benefit from the arts,” says Bar-On.

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