Israel’s top 10 extreme sports (Via Israel21c)

Israel’s top 10 extreme sports (Via Israel21c)

Israel offers thrill-seekers everything from surfing and spelunking to paragliding and parkour, in some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. ISRAEL21c takes a look at the top 10. Extreme sports – the popular term for a slew of inherently dangerous, sometimes countercultural activities – are disproportionately popular in Israel. Israelis love a challenge, and a […]

Celebrate Israel’s 63rd with 63 HAWT Israelis!

In celebration of Israel’s 63rd birthday, we thought we would show-off 63 HAWT Israelis… believe me it took no time to find 63! HELP US NAME THESE HOTTIES! 1. Model, Nivit Bash 2. Model, Yarden Harel 3. Actress, Natalie Portman 4. Model, Bar Rafaeli 5. Survivor, Omer Giladi 6.Model/Actress, Gal Gadot 7. 8.Model, Dudi Balsar […]

VIDEO: World’s First – Israeli Call Center Employs Mainly Mentally and Physically Disabled

By NoCamels team An Israeli psychologist, Gil Winch, has founded a call-center staffed mostly with disabled Israeli and Arab adults, who otherwise have difficulties finding work. Winch says the worker’s productivity is very high and the amazing business-model, based on parental support, has attracted interest from people all around the world. Check out more stories […]