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EXCLUSIVE: SDM goes one on one with DJ Erez B.i

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March 1, 2011



DJ Erez Ben Ishay started his career 6 years ago, playing in small private parties and is today, one of the leading DJs in the Tel Aviv gay  scene. Ben Ishay was first noticed three years ago while playing gigs in popular bars and clubs in Tel Aviv. He differentiated himself with his unique taste in electronic tunes with twists of funky Latin beat combined with newest delicious tracks. The big breakthrough was two years ago when he played at the Tel Aviv Pride Parade on the main stage, for an audience of more than 10.000 people – The crowd was instantly fascinated by his tunes and his style. Following the astonishing achievement Ben-Ishay decided to open an independent party line under the name “6PACK.” The Line which opened almost a year ago, takes place in one of the biggest clubs in Tel Aviv {Barzilay} and is a staggering success.


How would you describe your music ?

I connected to Latin music at a very young age.  When I began as a DJ, I realized that I had to do something that would make me stand out from the rest.  So, I chose to infuse Latin music into my work, and the fans have really embraced it!

Who are some of the artists/DJs that have influenced your music ?

The first time I felt connected to house music, I was 18 years old, and really into the CD “Roxy Live” by Peter Rahoufer.  Since then, my taste keeps changing, but my favorite DJs remain DJ Bart B More, DJ Chus, DJ Manuel De La Mare, and so many more.

Where is your favourite place to play ?

A few months ago, I played at the Oman17 in Tel Aviv at the FFF Party, which is the biggest LGBTQ party in israel. Without a doubt, this was like a dream come true for me, and this always be my favorite club to play in – the vibe was priceless.

Does being Israeli influence the type of music you produce ? how so ?

Being Israeli, it’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of the Arabic music.  A lot of my music is mixed with Arabic elements.  In the next little while, I hope to release a new track that will further show my background as Middle Eastern guy.

How are you received internationally ?

I am very happy that all the places I have been played around the world are welcoming and full of love.  A few months ago, I played at the biggest nightclub in Brazil at the Tel Aviv Gay Vibe Party.  Since then, I keep getting messages from people wanting to know when I’m coming back to make them dance and happy again.  Next month, I will appear for the first time in Amsterdam for Queens Day, and I am very am excited! I can’t wait to play for the Dutch audience, and I have no doubt that they too will love what I bring with me from my home in israel.

Would you consider Tel Aviv to be a top LGBTQ destination ?

I think Tel Aviv has become one of the best cities in the world for gay people. There are places to go every night, and as a DJ who has seen clubs all over the world, I can tell you that Israel’s Oman17 is one of the most amazing venues I have ever seen.

And of course, Does size matter ? (…in regards to Israel of course)

Wow … There are definitely two ways to answer this question! ;)  In relation of Israel, there is no doubt that size doesn’t matter.  We have proven ourselves as a state many times, and in many different areas.  We may be a very small point on the map, but we have a lot to offer.  As for the second option… I will leave it for the readers to decide!


Check out the Video of Erez playing @ the Tel Aviv Vibe party in Brazil. You can also download his set from that night

More tracks are available for download here


VIDEO: Italian CASTRO Commercial

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March 1, 2011
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Israeli Fashion House Castro’s Italian Commercial

Lucy Liu visits Israel

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March 1, 2011
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Hollywood actress Lucy Liu arrived in Israel last week with her partner, Israeli businessman Noam Gottesman.

Liu, 42, who starred in the films “Kill Bill” and “Charlie’s Angels”, has been involved with Gottesman, one of the wealthiest Israelis in the world, for the past year.

Liu was spotted Sunday near the Manta Ray restaurant in Tel Aviv,

Source: Ynetnews.com