VIDEO: American football in the Holy Land

VIDEO: American football in the Holy Land

About the League It has now been four years since the dream of tackle football in Israel really took hold. What began as a group of 25 enthusiastic and energetic Sabra athletes playing without pads in the Tel Aviv Sportek has grown exponentially into a thriving community of more than 600 players country-wide, with the […]

PICTURES: Israelis and Palestinians join together to pray for rain

Forecasters are predicting a dry winter and expect precipitation to fall below the 30-year average. Amidst the stalled peace negotiations and continuous regional turmoil, Israelis and Palestinians are uniting around the need for rain in the region, with groups gathering to pray for a wet winter. Forecasters have predicted drier than average winter months – […]

Jews and Arabs making Middle Eastern ‘Country Music’

It was the Arabic songs performed by this mixed Jewish-Arab group that were the real treat of the evening. There are one-storey houses and one-storey songs, too. What’s a one-storey song? You’d know if you attended this week’s terrific performance by Jish, an ensemble made up of Ehud Banai, George Samaan, Salem Darwish and Gil […]

ATTENTION!!! – Sex and the city: Tel Aviv

Local version of HBO’s hit series ‘Sex and the City’ in casting stages Casting has begun for the Israeli version of HBO’s hit series “Sex and the City.” Young actress Neta Plotnik has been chosen for the lead role and will be playing the local version of columnist Carrie Bradshaw, Ynet has learned. Plotnik, 27, […]

Israel, India to sign free trade agreement

Finance minister says deal will open up ‘endless opportunities’, though Israeli market may soon be flooded with cheap goods A new world of opportunities is set to open up before the Israeli entrepreneur. Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz announced Thursday that Israel was set to sign a free trade agreement with India. Speaking at a trade […]

VIDEO: Virtual Tour of the Weizmann Institute of Science

The Weizmann institute of science, is located in Rehovot in Israel, having been was established in 1949. It only offers study at the postgraduate level and is presided over by its president Daniel Zajfman. Having a selective subject range allows the institute to lead research in many areas of its subject range of biology, biological […]