Montreal – Hillel’s Yom Ha’atzmaut After Party!!!

Montreal – Hillel’s Yom Ha’atzmaut After Party!!!

————————————————- FREE BBQ, CHEAP BEER, LIVE DJ , GREAT MUSIC! CELEBRATE YOM HA’ATZMAUT WITH HILLEL! ————————————————- As most of you already know, each year after the Yom Ha’atzmaut rally downtown, Hillel invites you all to the house for a free BBQ! This year it is going to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever with the […]

Tel Aviv U students organize Humanitarian Medicine

The HMC 2010 is a project established and led by a group of students from Tel Aviv University who take part in the StandWithUs Fellowship, a public diplomacy leadership program. The participants will  be exposed to various fields surrounding Humanitarian Medicine. The conference will include professional guided tours, and panels run by experts from the […]

Canada’s Israel: Magna’s “Magna Steyr” Joins Israel, China and Italy to Make New “Chery” Electric Car

By Karin Kloosterman Fans of Canada’s “Canada for Better Place” website can’t wait for the roll out of an all-electric vehicle grid to hit the roads of Canada. Better Place, the Israeli company based in California has designs to electrify not only Canada’s roads, but roads of the world. Canada’s Israel blog has previously reported […]

Israelis make breakthrough in stem cell research

Hadassah Hospital researchers develop new cell growth method which may help heal Parkinson’s disease, diabetes A breakthrough made by Israeli researchers may pave the way for healing chronic illnesses: Researchers from Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital have developed a new method for producing large amounts of human fetal stem cells. Fetal stem cells can transform into any […]