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Small burgers make for great fun

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March 4, 2010
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Tel Aviv’s recently opened Burgerim restaurant says its hamburgers are modeled on New York City’s Pop Burger chain, which is known for its 80-gram mini-burgers served in pairs or trios with a selection of sauces. While Pop Burger joints are super trendy and somewhat upscale, Burgerim is a rather old fashioned looking place, with a few tables set indoors, stools set at an outdoor counter, and an order counter.

One wall is decorated with posters for various pop music concerts, another with a large menu. The closest Burgerim comes to being “fancy” is the plastic cups in which the various sauces are served.

As a recent visit proved, however, that’s all fine with me, for these mini-burgers are great fun to eat. The burgers are made by hand and grilled to order, unlike machine-made fast-food or junk-food burgers.

My order was for a trio of burgers, one beef, one mutton and one of merguez sausages. My burgers were prepared precisely as requested, each lightly charred on the exterior and medium-rare inside. Each was served on its own lightly toasted, sesame seed-coated roll, the rolls with just a hint of sweetness and on each a slice of tomato, a bit of onion and shredded lettuce.

The beef burger was full of natural flavor and I downed it with hot mayonnaise sauce slathered on. The mutton burger was just fatty enough and went nicely with barbecue sauce; and the merguez burger was fine with nothing more than a bit of ketchup and hot sauce spread on.

I requested side orders of fries and onion rings. The fries, which came in a very generous portion, were a delight, potatoes that had been cut into thin ovals before deep frying. The fries were left with just a hint of oil to add charm. I did not resist the temptation of eating these with my fingers, some of which I sprinkled over with nothing more than salt and others of which were dipped into the hot mayonnaise.

The coated and deep fried onion rings were little more than okay, having far too much resemblance to the uniform things that are sold out of freezer cases.

All in all, Burgerim is great fun for a casual meal and certainly at the right price, as my bill, which included a draft Goldstar beer, came to a most reasonable NIS 72. Not worth a special trip but if you’re in the area and feel hungry, a good bet either for lunch or late snack during the wee hours of the morning.

Burgerim: 7 Herzl St., Tel Aviv (near the corner of Rothschild). Open daily 11:30-04:30. Tel: (03) 5166651