Israel: Small Country. Big Accomplishments.

The second coming of Yeezy – Kanye West anoints Tel Aviv

Concert and visit to Israel follows Kanye’s announcement he’ll run for president in 2020, possibly helping boost his foreign policy credentials. Some two thousand years after he was reportedly crucified for our sins, Jesus of Nazareth returned to the Holy Land Wednesday night, in the form of a rapper, fashion designer, and future presidential candidate […]

October 2, 2015
Tel_Aviv_at_Night Why The World’s Largest Tech Companies All Want A Piece Of The Israeli Pie

By Einat Paz-Frankel, NoCamels They all want a piece of the Israeli pie: Microsoft, Google, Apple – dozens of large, multinational companies have chosen to establish offices and R&D centers in the Startup Nation. Why did they all pick Israel and what exactly are they doing here? It’s a little known fact that two thirds of […]

October 2, 2015
World Science Conference - Post 3 The Israeli Innovative Spirit

Simran Dhunna, SDM Contributor This is part three of an exclusive series from Simran Dhunna on the World Science Conference Israel (WSCI). Click here for part one and here for part 2. The World Science Conference Israel had an entire day dedicated to exploring innovation in Israel, and the relationship between industry and science. This […]

October 2, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.02.42 PM Life’s a Beach 2015 at Queen’s University

On September 24th, Size Doesn’t Matter partnered with Queen’s Hillel and AEPi to host Life’s a Beach 2015 at the Ale House in Kingston. 400 students from across campus attended the event, which highlighted Tel Aviv’s vibrant culture and nightlife. Congrats to all the organizers!

October 1, 2015
israel-hot-startups-2015 The 27 hottest Israeli startups of 2015

Julie Bort, Business Insider. The always-hot Israeli startup scene has been going even more bonkers lately. 2015 has been a record-breaker for VC funding. The valuations of young companies are skyrocketing and private-equity bankers have arrived in droves, as have Chinese investors. It all adds up to a very healthy tech community, overflowing with innovation. We recently visited Israel […]

September 30, 2015
IsraeliBeer Microbrew trend in Holy Land turns water to hummus beer

KARMIEL – In an industrial zone among the hills of Galilee in northern Israel, a ponytailed sociologist with an intolerance for gluten explained what he was up to: beer made with chickpeas and dates. “It’s a very Middle Eastern food,” 52-year-old Bryan Meadan said of his gluten-free beer made with chickpeas, familiar to most through […]

September 30, 2015
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